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Sat, Aug. 5th, 2006, 03:57 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 05.08.06 | HP Fandom Recs | Twenty

Without a post last week because of Lumos, I feel slightly lame for not having something more. This week is only stuff I managed to read or see in passing. Next week will be a more genuine newsletter because I have 23827492345w4434 fics I want to read and about 23784 pieces of art to see, but in the meantime... this!

I was browsing through a lot of recs lists this week, so next week... beware. :D

ETA: Oh my God. I have just been through some of my earlier posts in this journal and I just have to say... FUCK, I was so emo! I'm sorry! Lol. No, seriously. Sorry.

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ F's HBP Commentaries have been updated with Chapter 19, by furiosity, of course :D
Ahhhhhh!... I LOVE THESE. Besides being entertaining, memorable, and sometimes DAMN hilarious, they're an excellent way to explore canon through F's mind, which is priceless. Being recently implanted with a lust for canon, these commentaries make me want to crawl insides the books and live there forever. (!!!!). My favorites were by far part 2, part 5, and part 6 (MIB lol ... just... see my comment for a better review). :DD

+ happiestwhen discusses OTPs and conflicting and harmonious ships
All of my OTPs work together like clockwork: H/D, R/Hr, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily. But I also consider MPP my OT3, and I ADORE James/Sirius, James/Remus, Sirius/Lily, Snape/Lupin, and Ron/Harry (can you tell I'm obessed with the marauders era?! *falls over*). I think that you can have more than one true OTP, as long as they work with other OTPs that you have as well. I love all the pairings I've just listed, but my OTPs don't conflict with eachother. Good stuff.

+ emmagrant01 has posted a review of Lumos as a whole, which I really enjoyed and absolutely agree with. If you're interested, there it is.

+ Crack, the Crack Panel at Lumos, and a Poll! by emmagrant01
I have nothing to say. This lovely woman *strokes her perfect hair* was the mod for the crack panel and did an excellent job. I love discussing crack.
Shall we?

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow   [Regulus/Lily, R, 3900]
This broke my heart! Ohhhhh, this is beautiful. I didn't think I'd like it because I hate things that break James/Lily, but in a tragic, harsh, painful way it has incorporated canon so perfectly I am speechless. Ahh!! *sobs*

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ Rough by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 505]
Guhhhhh. And H/D undertones! Go shocolate!! I am rapidly becoming obsessed with these 50_smutlets drabbles.

+ Never Mind The Bollocks, It's Draco/Harry (Shake Your Groove Thing) by geoviki   [Harry/Draco, R, 4999]
I had never read this and I suppose still haven't read it... but geoviki read it aloud for the crack panel at Lumos and I basically peed my pants and died from laughing so hard! So it's excellent. I'm so glad I'm reccing something older, gosh. :DDD!! Heee.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ The Canvas by enchated_jae   [Draco/Harry, R, 247]
A drabble that make my heart glee with sweet happiness? But of course.

+ Four Drabbles by starrysummer   [Albus/Tom, Draco/Pansy, Pansy/Ginny, Inferi Regulus, PG]
I was there when some of these were written! I love the Draco/Pansy one. *loves* And it's Led Zeppelin lyrics!

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Draw Something that Completely Contradicts Your OTP, with art posted by mudblood428, myrafur, mneomosyne, and reallycorking   [G to NC17]
I love mudblood's piece! HOMYGOD! Guhhhhh. And my favorite is reallycorking's - *WIBBLE* Yes. Ohhhh, yes. Only she can make my love and lust for het. UNSdudksgnjngfjgf,gnnhh.

+ Black Portraits by kungfooqueen   [G]
These are so cute! And very pretty. I love Bellatrix.

+ Burned by realycorking   [Harry/Ginny, R]
We all already know that reallycorking, celestialsoda and __hibiscus are by far my most favorite artists (how many times did i say this at Lumos?! *headdesk*), but this is really outstanding. I love Harry's contentment and the full pleasure shown in his face and the drape of his arms. I love Ginny's face and hair. Eee! If you can stand het, go here now.

+ Territory by __hibiscus   [Sirius/Lily, G]
OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *ded*

+ Felix Felicis by lizardspots   [Harry/Ron, G]
I love her coloring! Lucky Kerry! Hehee. I love the look on Harry's face.

+ Art: Harry/Draco, Cedric/Victor by glockgal   [G]
Sketches! I like Glock's art more when there's no color. I know I mentioned this to cmere at Lumos, but I'll say it again here. I think her raw sketches are just magnificent on their own. And glockgal is GORGEOUS, btw.

+ Happy Birthday, Harry! by reallycorking   [Harry/Ginny, NC17]
Hehee. What a blowjob should be... with the feet up and having fun and all. *g* It's Harry/Ginny again and I LIKE it.

+ awkward bonding moment by pastelninja   [Harry/Ron, PG]
ROFL. Please go now. LOL. Omgosh. AHAHahhahaaa I LOVE Ginny's face... and Harry's. HEE! And wtf me - just reading the words is so hot. *loves*

+ Lumos Art by __hibiscus   [Harry/Draco G]
Hibi wins the earth. I saw these in person! AHH! So lovely. This is what I LOVE about this lady's art - the LINES. And her coloring is so dark and perfect. These two pieces showcase only the lines and I am in love.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

Haha, yeah right. Maybe next week :)

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2006, 11:07 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 21.07/06 | HP Fandom Recs | Nineteen

Doing recs on Fridays is such a better idea than recs on Mondays! *bounces*
I am having so much fun. We'll see if I can keep it up! I'm just reading fic during my lunches at work and reccing it later, and that seems to be working without much hassle or drama on my part. This newsletter seems to finally be here to stay.

Oh, and there will be no recs next week due to LUMOS!!! and all that I'll be doing there. (*falls over*)

Much love, everyone!

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ musesfool writes about how one involves oneself in fandom and to what extents.
Very interesting :)

+ Azkaban Life Sentences by vikingcarrot   [636]
A VERY good question. My thoughts? It's a full life of the person, until they die. Good discussion.

+ Evidence in canon that Harry is attracted to... Bellatrix Lestrange?! by serpentclara   [2235]
I don't buy it.

+ musesfool talks about fic warnings. Hmmmm.
I like warnings because there are a lot of pairs I directly DON'T read (because I don't care), and there are styles I can't tolerate, and I really appreciate warnings in general (e.g. I LOVE coffeejunkii's writing.... like... a LOT... but I LOATHE mpreg and without a warning I would devour her fic, only to be totally turned off and chased away when I hit the boys with babies!). I really appreciate warnings, but I don't complain when they aren't given. But I just generally don't like creating wank either, so that's that.

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Easier to Lie by happiestwhen   [Sirius/Ron, implied others, R, 2834]
*swoon* Oh, this fic is so, so really DARK and it is struggling and rough and cold and sweaty. OUIHSdjnnf. Ungh. Guh. I love how Snoy writes relationships; this Sirius is so sly and rough, this Ron so confused, this Harry so deep and troubled and sweet. I love how she writes the Black's house. Just... yeah.

+ Time by littlecup   [Remus/Draco, Remus/Tonks, NC17, 3500]
This is the only fic here that really should be bolded. I am so wholly consumed by this fic. I love Remus - so dark and so miserable, so rough. I love Draco, so pratty and canon. But I didn't expect the sex (dunno why) and I LOVED it. THIS IS THE BEST SEX I'VE READ IN MONTHS. I was SO hot and electric after reading this pair and this situation... and what's beautiful is that this fic is so DARK, Sirius [...] You were stupid, too, possibly even more than James, stupid and beautiful the way statues of demons are beautiful under darkened skies spilling over with heavy rain. And Draco is SO wonton and Remus so violent. My loins are quivvering, my literary senses tingled to the very tips. This is so utterly well done it's amazing. And the sex is better than great. Ohhhhh, guh!!! *swoon*

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ Pubertus, a video on YouTube. HAahhahaa! SO hilarious. Just... go. Now.

+ Is Forever Enough? by anasuede   [Ron/Draco, James/Lily, etc., PG, 4950]
This is so steamy! The end is a really clever/sad/hot twist. Mmmm. The end is guh-worthy.

+ Left My Heart by Emma Grant is reviewed by the Trio, plus some others, in deu_sex_machina   [Harry/Draco (ish), PG, 5883]
OH MY GOD GO READ THIS! AHAhahaaa! Just... this is UTTERLY BRILLIANT. Oh, and the references to boy bands. Hehehe! I squeal like the retired 'N Sync fan that I am. Oh, oh, OH! And I remember reading Left My Heart and thinking that it was just SO GREAT. I need to read it again. I love MST3K... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Yes! Please read this!

+ Day by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 409]
Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Guh.

+ Night by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 458]
Hehehee. TEEEhehehee. Yum.

Love by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 407]
This is SO, SO... YES! No one writes Ron like this lady. Unngngghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh, this pair is so sinful.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Los Suenos by almostblue   [Remus/Draco, R, 3500]
This is SO, SO marvelous. I was chocking back tears most of the time that I was reading. In this current summer heat I feel so sticky and dry like Remus does... I feel hazy and tired and retired... sort of vague. This fic is so beautiful and the end made me cry. Really, you need to go back, even though it hurts. This fic is really outstanding.

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Tom Riddle and Minerva McGonagall by leelastarsky   [G]
This is just so CLASSIC! I love how she's adapted the characters into the perfect style of the times but still we know it's of the HP universe perfectly. Very well done.

+ Harry Potter in his Cupboard by gredandfeorge   [G]
This is so darling. I feel sorry for him.

+ For Potions Master Only (Harry) by yukipon   [NC17]
GUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHQKUjs;iaudbflsdbfkjsbdkjbfff!! Ohhhh, that is hot. Just... and anime isn't... isn't even my THING... and this is just so fucking hot. Oh, GUH! Fuck. Yes. HAah! Yes. Perfect.

+ Carriages by gredandfeorge   [Trio, G]
Oh MAN, this is gorgeous. Sad, dark, troubled but at peace. This is ART. ART, That is all. Ohhh! oh.

+ Detentions with Potion's Master by reallycorking   [Harry, Draco, Snape, G]
I just love this gal's art. Period.

+ First Signs of Magic by mudblood428   [Hermion/Ron, G]
Beautiful! Oh, I love Ron! How sweet! I really love Ron. Look at him! Oh!

+ I Love You Except You Make Me Want to Stab Myself in the Face by monster   [Harry/Draco, G]

+ A Shot at Watercolour of Harry/Draco by shin_e   [H/D, G]
So, so sweet. I love their expressions. Aww!

+ Professor by perselus   [Snape, G]
WOW. Well, well, WELL done. ! I love this. I love his head's incline, I adore his sinister expression. This is great.

(I just have to say that I would never rec any art if it weren't for son_of_darkness. My hero :D)

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

Are you kidding? I'm glad I have any fandom time at all. Hehe.
I love you all. What a wonderful Friday :D

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006, 06:37 am
incroyable: Mod Post

I've changed it up: recs come out on Fridays.

Lets see if I can't do this every week ;)

Tue, Jul. 11th, 2006, 12:45 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 11.07.06 | HP Fandom Recs | Eighteen

Hee! I wish I was doing this weekly and as massively as I was doing it once before.

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ Complete List of H/D Recs Lists by gossymer
Yes! I've read many of these recs lists already but I need more. Hurrah :)

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ A Prick Among Roses by enchanted_jae   [Harry/Draco, PG13, 830]
Ahahahaa! Brilliantly clever. Heee.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Run by furiosity   [Harry/Draco, PG13/R, 1300]
Bloody fantastic, as usual. It's so sad and yet... it's wonderful. The gritty beauty of Europe is capitalized on, and then love prevails. Ah! I loff F. :D

LUMOS!!!! *falls over*

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2005, 10:16 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 31.10.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Seventeen

I read a lot this week, as always, but I found myself closing window after window after just a couple of paragraphs. It was SUCH a relief to finally get to some fantastic fiction. *sigh* Some of you just HAVE the talent, you know?

And on top of those I know, it REALLY seems to be a week of authors I've never heard of - like, NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF. And they're achingly brilliant. Welcome to my world, new authors! I plan to adore you for long streaches and obsess over you and encourage and rec you. *dances*

I felt like I had to hack through a lot of okay fic to get to the good stuff this week. Many of my favourte authors are taking a break from or stepping away from fandom lately and I just have one thing to say to those who are: More power to you. Really! I left the fandom almost completely, only to come back stronger than ever. Just remember why you're in fandom and come back when you feel that love again. Your fic will be better, you'll have more fun, and most of all, your inspiration and joy from fandom will have returned (and if I doesn't than you know why you left).

Know yourself and love yourself and we'll all be happier for you as a result. There are no DEADLINES in fandom, there are no REQUIREMENTS! None! Have fun! That's all I ask. I hate seeing so many of you getting down about fandom like it's overwhelming... as it once was for me. Please! Have fun? And let that fic or that community or that painting GO if it's not working. There shouldn't be stress in fandom. There just shouldn't be. :)

And with that... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
And Happy Monday. Have a great week :D

TOTAL FICS READ: hundreds (didn't count)

Discussion/Rant/Essay: 5
Fiction, all categories: 25
Art: 0

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ In Defence of Mr Ronald Bilius Weasley by zoepaleologa   [3007]
OOOhhhhhhH! I LOVE how this lady wites. I LOVE the arguement (it's one I support and always have) and she sets it up so nicely. I love reading essays like this - they give you insight into canon and make you have more solid arguements when you want to defend a POV that you have. Another one for the friending frenzy! *makes list*

+ Canon Names - small essay by underlucius   [roughly 2200, including discussion]
I love JK's names, particularly with my passion being languages and etymology (and subsequently names), and this is a fun exploration. My opinion, however? She just named willy-nilly and gave characters names that fit their current state. Remus Lupin is a fine name, I think. Really, I love it. However, I've thought before that maybe I'll name my son Sirius, if I have one. However, Fenrir is out of the question... Good thoughts and discussion.

+ Question. James Potter, Glasses by scarah2   [~800, including relavent comments]
James: glasses or no? And if so, did it mean he had markings as a stag? Hmmm. I think he did and yeah, he probably did have markings, too.

+ Puzzlement by zoepaleologa   [a few thousand]
I good question. I loved reading the comments. *snicker* I love when someone asks a valid question about canon and not some bizzare or obscure one, such as, "Why did Neville's grandmother grab his blue robes? What does that mean?!" *sigh*

+ [hp] the problem with cho chang, and why i love her by bantha_fodder   [~4100, including comments]
I have to admit I've never really loved Cho, but not for any valid reason. I never really disliked her either, to be fair. I was giggley and very pro-Cho (*snicker*) when she first turned up as a love intereset for Harry (my poor, crumbling H/D heart aside), but her characrter didn't draw much interest from me and I sort of just left it at that. I find it very fun to hear a few reasons why she is likable and interesting, and this essay also includes some great links that I may get to exploring at some point. *doubts interest* Heh. Maybe.

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Armed With Every Precious Failure by happiestwhen   [Sirius/James, NC17, 900]
*sobs* I forgot that sioniann is my most favourite writer. I hate to pick favourites, but I do. I do. I could list a top five, but what's the point? God, woman, Emily, dear, love. I love you. I love this. You've made me ache and want and HURT and I love it. I love James/Sirius because it is so raw and boyish and teen and impossible and desperate and marauders and right and confusing. This gets me like Thread by Anise. *flails* *fails at words* I wish I could double-bold this somehow.

+ Without as Within by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, G, 204]
I haven't read anything by this darling girl in quite some time and OH! what I forgot I loved. In just 204 words I am in love with the piece and mourning Sirius with Remus. Every sentence is poetry; she's one of those ones who uses her adjectives precicely and perfectly to create a harsh and vivid image in your mind so you ache and love and hurt with every new turn of a story. Yes, even in 200 words. *loves*

+ Like a Flower by violet_quill   [Bellatrix/Narcissa, NC17, 600]
Her power with words is striking. I feel I am reading Bella's words. I love the analogies that follow flowers and I love the whole perspective. Unnnghh. Utterly fantastic.

+ The Day the Darkness Receded by rurounihime   [Gen, horror, 4361]
Holy MOTHER of GOD, that was engrossing! I haven't read Ru in ages. I read this fic before anyone had commented and still haven't commented myself. *shame* This is BRILLIANT and CRAZY and insane and ohhsogood. Happy Halloween! I needed a crazy fic like this! *saves*

+ (stars shine black) As You Are by starrysummer   [Sirius/Regulus, NC17, 2100]
OOooohhhhhnnnnnnnnggh. This is a whole new thing, this Regulus in control and Sirius denying. It's sort of painful and seemingly rape-ish... It's hot and subdued and therefore hotter than ever. Sirius saying, "no, no, no," has me all wound up inside. Gnnfgh.

+ Unrecognizable by anise_anise   [Harry/Draco, Harry/Others, R, 714]
This is POWERFUL. And it's so short, too. Ugh, oof, the story slices into me. I've been there, I've been down that road. Have you been there? Owowowowowww - emotional stuff surfaces. kfhblsfhef I feel for Harry and hurt for and with him. Anise is brilliance.

+ Paragon by spessartine   [Regulus/Sirius, R, 1197]
HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS AUTHOR? Words like poetry, like spilt milk and frozen grass and fog. Words of poetry and so bitter, so real and flowing and perfect. I wish I could write like this, like this. *cries*

+ Carousel by furiosity   [Draco, G, 630]
Ouch. Gripping. Painful. Pine needles! *hugs fic*

+ Talk to Echoed Walls by noticeably   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 760]
Woha, mindfuck. *whiplash* I love a crazy Harry. *wibble* This is fucked up. *reads obsessively* I love you, dear. This just rocks my world. YOU! YOU IN THE CHAIR! READ THIS NOW. *commands* NOW! *reads again*

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ Slap by jamie1209   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 1753]
Jesus CHRIST that was good. Oof! I am vaguely surprised that I found that as hot as I did because I usually can't handle too much BDSM. But GOD, I am so turned on right now it's unbelieveable, almost, and just UUNNGH GUH!! *wibble* Wow. Just... well... dfubf;iuwrbg fhffhgd unf!!!!!!! *flails* That was hot like nobody's business. And I really like the division of every paragraph or so by the reoccouring SLAP. Unhh. *dies*

+ Long Shot by xylodemon   [Harry/Hermione/Ron, R, 4418]
Eee! This is clever and fun. Unnngh - and the Harry/Hermione pairing especially was hot like summer in Arizona. Hermione is classic.

+ Skirting the Issue by yamapea   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 1525]
*garlbey gook* I had my doubts on this one for, oh, say, a paragraph, and then it was all UHNNNHGG!! and *flails* and dkfhsblufgybwlrguff and here I am going mad over it. Silky knickers! Ooohhn and lip biting and one fucking fantastically-written Draco and humour as well. fhbsifuee!!!!!!!!!
(I've never heard of this author before. Have you? Am I on glue? Explain.)

+ Oblivious by off_that_fic   [Harry/Draco, PG, 1171]
Ah! What fun! What a breath of fresh air! This reminds me of a fic I read a LONG time ago. I love this style - silly and OOC and so fun and yet well written and entertaining. I MISS it. Where has all the silly/fun/crazy/crackfic gone? I swear, school has eaten everyone's brains (thank God I'm not in). I love this. *snuggles fic*

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Feel by akahannah   [Harry/Draco, R, 2550]
Just- Fucking- AAAGHH! OMGTHISFICDOESIT. This fic just captures me and takes me along for the ride. There's a whole ambiance about this fiction that has me reeling and running around in my skin. I LOVE the way the sentences fall, how the events unfold before us. The story is told just so and the characters are broken and precious and perfect. Oh. Ohh. *cries* GOD, I love this fic.</b>

+ Untitled by bluenight361   [Ron/Hermione, Trio Gen, PG, 2771]
This is so fucking engrossing! I LOVE Hermione - for the absolute first time I think someone has written her as a woman and done her justice. I wasn't expecting it to be a WIP! *lashes out* I want more. NOW. This is damn good writing and can you BELIEVE it's her (her?) first post? *fangirls* This is bloody fantastic. UHHH. (!)

+ Cross by underlucous   [Remus (aged 5), G, 632]
I am in love with this story and with 5-year-old Remus. This is so right, so right, and so perfect. And it's sad. And cute. And silly and then sadder and beautiful. *meek noise* Poor thing. I really love this.

+ Autumn Afternoon by coffeejunkii   [Harry/Draco, PG, 2600]
I don't know quite how to put it. This fic touched me somewhere deep and made me sob in a way that I needed, that I haven't cried in a long time. There was some release there. God, this is beautiful. Maybe I see my own relationships here at some point, in some way. I don't know. *is touched* This is so fantanstic. Her atmosphere is delicate and warm and so well written; I feel it, smell it, touch it and I LOVE it. This gets me like the Broken Glass series that I've fangirled for so long. (!!!!!!!!!!) This is just marvelous.
(And, darling, I'm so, so sorry - I just CAN'T read Winter Morning. I can't read mpreg. I can't. I started to. I tried. No! *runs*) If any of you want to read the sequel, it's Winter Mornings but I can't read it. *flees*

+ Unsung by willysunny   [Harry/Draco, PG, 797]
Willow always makes me cry, either intentionally or by accident. This was more about happiness than sadness, but I suppose sadness, too. All the same. This is very well done and intentional and gripping. I love the message. *holds Harry* I love Draco fighting and getting dirty and caring about important things. It's beauitful.

+ First Signs of Spring by musesfool   [Remus/Sirius, R, 1011]
*dances* This had me so, so sad at the beginning and then suddenly things looked up and I nearly cried. Instead I let out a squee/yell and clapped and read it again. Uuuhhh!! Oh, so much love. *loves* "Hey," Remus says when he breaks the kiss, breathing heavily, and Sirius shrugs one shoulder diffidently, his mouth quirking in a rusty, rueful half-grin so familiar it makes Remus's heart ache. *sigh* *flails*

+ Heart Shaped Faces and Baby Blankets by forgotnsuitcase   [Andromeda/Ted, Tonks, G, 598]
Ackagbah! I love gen! *twirls* This is magical.

+ Lead by furiosity   [Theodore Nott, Slytherins, Gen, G, 680]
I LOVE GEN OMFG. Ugh! This is great. I love seeing into the other side of the Dumbledore and Draco scene. This is really powerful, too - something about Nott's whole attitiude is perfect. F's gen is canon.

+ Bound by alchemine   [Alastor Moody, Gen, G, 2300]

+ The Definition of Dreaming by anjenue   [Sirius/Remus, Sirius Gen, R, 837]
I LOVE this idea, and what a beautiful ficlit it has spawned. I love Sirius - he's probably one of my absolute most favourite characters. I love the different glinpses and the whole dreamy state to the fic. How apropo. *loves*

+ Autumn by broi   [Remus/Sirius/James, NC17, 6748]
I honestly think that this is Kelly's best work to date. Really. I totally cracked up through the first half and giggled through the middle and then swooned through the end. I really laughed, really laughed. Ahhahhaaaa! I really laughed! Outloud! And probably scared the other flats (but who cares? It's Halloween) and totally was entertained from one end to the other. Hee! This review has nothing to do with the fact that it was written for me and Beth, but it makes it more special :) I LOVE you, Kell! This is absolutely wonderful and definitely the present to receive back. Thank you :D

</b>+ Now and Again by furiosity   [Draco, Gen, R, 510]
*hats off* I like this Draco; the Draco that is so real and human and just a boy is the one that I want to read. At least, the one I want RIGHT now (because sometimes I want a TempusFugit!Draco, which is not at all like this one but just as entertaining). And what is it with Potter turning up?!</b>

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

Art is always difficult for me. I looked at 38792348720454 billion pieces this week - will rec those I liked next week, assumably.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

I didn't read any. I'm still up to reading Old City Jasmine by silentauror but haven't got to it yet. But first I want to read furiosity's HBP commentary. Hee!

Mon, Oct. 24th, 2005, 10:57 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 24.10.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Sixteen

I'll have you all know that I walked almost four miles JUST to post this thing! Heh - my fault. I walked the whole way to the north end of Broadway, turned around, and walked all the way PAST the hospital going south, only to decided maybe it was back NORTH. And, alas, it was. One block further than I had traveled the first time. Drat.

Oh well, no worries. I loved the walk (I love walking! I walk like 10 miles a day just in commute and errands...) and I ended up getting a slice of Pagliacci on the way there and hearing a live band for a few songs and they totally were amazing.

But back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I can't describe the elation I feel being back for real and totally - heh - and maybe that's why I'm not writing fics and instead running a rec&rev journal.


I hope you love all of these as much as I do! I want to be something reliable, something consistant and good and something you all look forward to!

There are 1 discussion/rant/essay, 26 fiction and 6 art recs this week.
(I didn't look through all the art like I wanted to - expect a massive art section next time.)

Happy Monday!

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ Head, Heart, Hand; An essay on Trio dynamic by inthesewalls   [2259]
This is so absolutely detailed and correct and FANTASTIC. How can anyone analyse all that and come up with a perfect essay? AAGHH!!! This is brilliant. *dies* I love meta. OMG.

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

Are We Having Fun Yet? by mithborien   [James, Sirius, Gen, PG, 4923]
*sob* Ohhhh, this is brilliant. They always say if you want to get them crying, get 'em laughing first. GOD, Megan, you own me. *cries* This is so heartbreaking and beautiful and perfect and UUNGH. >.< See all the little shards on the floor? My heart. *reads again and again* *clutches self* *cries* This is up there with ALL the bests, and I MEAN it.

+ Love is Stronger Than Justice by tipgardner   [Harry, Voldemort, Gen, PG, 500]
Tip has such a beautiful way with words. I can feel and smell all that is going on around and it's glorious in the poetry. I don't know what I'm talking about. Go read this!

+ Of Lies and Werewolves by mithborien   [Remus/OFC, PG, 1225]
Megan has wowed me! *wibble* This is so real/sad/ouch and I love it. OOooooo I love it! And, funny as it seems, reading a straight Remus had me all thrown off. She is still standing by the open door, one hand falling off the doorknob and one exquisitely heeled foot dragging along the floor. BEST line. Oh, she is just so poetic and good with words. I miss RPing with her. *misses* She's so quirky and real in her writing. MEGAN! Write more! Poor Remus.

+ Don't by cmere   [Sirius/Regulus, NC17, 2500]
I think I can safely say that this is some goooood smut. It reminds me of those two amazing, sexy and otherwise mind-blowing ones by anise_anise a long while back (one was Remus/Harry against a wall and the other was Remus/Sirius/Harry and both were just fhdfshbflfdfbbadkfhalfsdkjfskdjhflkhfdjfhjdskjdhhdhhddddsssssfff *dies*). The way she brought some major ideas from the books into this fic is just incredibile. Beth, you always deserve to be in bold.

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ When Harry Met Jason (And Draco Got Very, Very Jealous) by coffeejunkii   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 2700]
THIS FIC IS ON CRACK. dhfbsilfyuskdfujkrfff *wibble*

+ And It's All Right by cmere   [Sirius/Remus/James, NC17, 2200]
My whole body is on fire. MY WHOLE BODY IS ON FIRE. This is so brutally hot I don't know what to DO with myself. God, what a trio. There is something so fucking exotic about the Marauders - so naughty and subtle and fucking SEXY. REMUS. SIRIUS. JAMES. Oh GOD! Where's my vibrator? "hunts through drawers*

+ The Best Idea by tarie   [Ron/Hermione, NC17, 3110]
AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I am SUCH a sap for this! *squeeeee* OH! It's so wonderfuly sweet and sexy and adorable and innocent and naughty and PERFECT. I love this, oh! I love this.

+ Desperate by anise_anise   [Harry/Sirius, NC17, 817]
No one writes sex like Anise. NO FUCKING ONE. AAAHHH!!! *flails* Okay... so I made the title up. She said I could! *points* I think it works. I drop fucking EVERYTHING when Anise writes a fic because there could not POSSIBLY be something better than 800 words of smutty, dirty, utterly WRONG and HOT and sweaty and aching and undone, fucking WANTON, desperate sex.
UUnnghhhh. Unngh!!

+ Houston, we have a problem. by furiosity   [Harry/Draco, PG, 166]
This is so cute and fun it's beyond words, almost. *snuggles* *giggles* *loves F*
Oh, I've REALLY missed this stuff.

+ Rematch by anise_anise   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 991]
He could feel Draco's smirk against his lips and he bit him again just for spite.

+ A Slight Undoing by willysunny   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 1722]
OH that was so incredible and fantastic and delicious and POWERFUL and SEXY and PASSIONATE. No one writes like Willow. She was the first author I read in this fandom in slash and will likely always be my favourite.
GNNNNNNNUUGHHH. Whew! That was fucking brilliant.

+ Sneaky-Bastard Mornings by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, PG, 823]
This is CUTE. *head tilt* Just... aw. I love the book organising. You know, it's really important to have pointless fluff sometimes. It really is.

+ Drabbley by rurounihime   [Harry/Draco, PG, 301]
*smirk* There's nothing like a little subtle, sexy and hottt H/D by Ru. *loves* And PARSELTONGUE. *flails*

+ Breaking Point by angel423   [Harry/Hermione, NC17, 1246]
Oooh, this is hot. And yet it's totally perfect too and so, so precious, so poetic. Her words are orange-hot and thick and August and you melt into the story like chocolate in the late evening sun.

+ Panacea by switchknife   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 4467]
Oi! That was SO many things that I never, ever read. Ungh, so dirty and kinky and feminine!Draco and strange. Eef! I think I liked it but I couldn't get Draco's femnine voice out of my head. Guh! It was compelling and extremely well written and sexy and it just MUST be recced. :D

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Something by angel423   [Hermione/Viktor, G, Gen, 952]
Aaahhhh!!! *dances* I love when people write about things that I never thought about! I totally wrote Viktor off from the first book and haven't thought about him since... until now. Really, really, I enjoyed this through and through. Justine kicks ass and should write more. There.

+ Thread by anise_anise   [Sirius/James, R, 4796]
This is the best fic I have ever read. This is the best fic I have EVER read. (!) It is absolutely my favourite. It beats ATBT and that amazing one that made me sob 800 times by thetreacletart and Haiku for London by imochan and Shoebox and everything. Or... well... yeah. It's up there. I... I have nothing to say! AHHHH!! Read it! Anise, you are my world.
The world moved around them, weather gathering, waters sloshing, their bodies a part of it all, moving, moving, wrecked and healed at once.

+ Pillow Talk by emmagrant01   [Harry/Draco, R, 2912]
This is the standing reminder of why I love Emma and have always loved Emma and will continue to love her and read her fic and read it again and adore it :D I especially love her dialogue - God! All her characters always seem so REAL and alive. OOooooghh! That was so good and sweet. It's nearly fluff... or... well, it is fluff. But it's love and prefection too and so it goes here.

+ Famous Last Words by Aja   [Harry/Draco, R, 863]
This is AWESOME. It reminds me of a fic I wrote once with prisoner!Harry. I guess we don't know which she's talking about, but I think the writer is Harry. Hmmm. This is just utterly wonderful. I was, like, sucked in - fwump - and then I couldn't leave. 'Tis short and fantastic.

+ Home (There's No Place Like) by noticeably   [Harry/Hermione, H/Hr/Ron, PG, 1936]
NNNNNnnnnnnnnnfffflllppdfshglblfbgggg *dies* OH! That was so, so amazingly PERFECT. *SWOON* Her (her?) writing style is AMAZING. WHY have I never read noticeably before? Or maybe I have and I don't remember. This is absolutely fantanstic. There is such pace and rhythym to the piece... you're chugging along faster and faster and more and more and then it's over and it's perfect and you're drowning in perfection. *reads again*

+ Peace by jamie2109   [Harry/Draco, R, 318]
That is poetry like a sunset, fluid like some cold stream and fantastic. *sigh* I was totally absorbed into another world for all 317 words. And it is not fluff! It's beautiful and is so much more.

+ The Leather Jacket Tactic by broi   [Sirius/Remus, NC17, 4371]
This is SO GOOD. UNNNNNnnGH. I actually could do without the smut, though. It think it draws away from the piece as a whole - the last few bits are just bloody fantastic and SO CANON and real and good and they make me relive the tragedy of the marauders and ache for them, with them, and love them 38472958r378 times more. The smut is hot, yes, particularly the end of it with the looks and the conversation. I don't know - the whole thing jumps around a bit and the story is EXCELLENT but doesn't flow with the smut. Read it NOW - and get through the smut because the end half is power.

+ Shades of a Tale by willysunny&nsbp;  [Harry/Draco, R, 9053]
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh omgherwritingissoengrossing!
I miss Willow's writing so MUCH! This was excellent. At first I was iffy - I didn't really care where the story was going, but then suddenly I found myself rapt with attention and really caring. The boys are so sweet. *le sigh*

+ To Acquiesce by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, R, 516]
This is sexy and sweet. I love the toes on the velvet carpet. Unngh.

+ Shift by furiosity   [Pansy/Parvati, PG, 1000]
I rarely read femmeslash but I always read F and it was a good thing I did. I really liked this; furiosity has this very particular and gorgeous way of using her words so that I feel like I'm reading some beautiful song the whole time - not to mean in a cheezy doot do do do dooo way but like an aria or something. It's always so gorgeous! (Or it's crackfick and you're gasping for air while dying of laughter.) Pansy is great.

+ As the Labors of Hercules by somewhatdeluded   [Hagrid, PG, 1831]
This is very well written and beautiful. I love the careful observations of people that Hagrid makes in his state - particularly those of Ron and to a lesser extent Hermione. This is just beautiful and something that's not done much. Not able to talk? Eeee! I was definitely into it.

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Aurors by midnight_ljc   [Harry/Hermione, R]
I am full of sighs this evening. Oh, look at them! It's so sweet and soft and spontaneous and romantic and wanting. Awwwwwwwwww. The colors are beautiful.

+ Ron and Hermione by reallycorking   [Ron/Hermione, R]
UUNnngh! There is so much FIRE in this drawing. Hermione's legs adn Ron's arms and how his eyes are open. GUHH. This is fantastic and so alive.

+ Trio by celestialsoda   [James/Sirius/Lily, G]
Soda is my favourite artist. This is a fact. And here's why. Look at the contentment in James' chin, the depth of Sirius. Lily looks disturbed. I wonder when this is and what happened. I love when I'm drawn in like that. *soaks in drawing*

+ Curry!Blaise by celestialsoda   [Blaise Zabini, G]
This is so Blaise Zabini. Hello. Look at his hand. Look at his bottom lip!

+ Happiness in Slavery by fiendling and lisardspots   [Sirius/Snape, NC17]
I think Sirius is hotter. GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hot?!?! YES. Trent!

+ Hermione, Harry, Ron and Hermione/Pansy bt drunken_piper   [G]
Teehee. I love Hermione's hair. :P

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

None. I want to read Old City Jasmine by silentauror but that'll happen this week, I think.

I am almost ready to start doing this weekly again. I need to get my airport first.

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 08:29 am
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 10.10.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Fifteeen

ETA: I meant to post this Monday. *headdesk*

Hello all! I've decided to do this again. Yay. *throws confetti*

As I don't have internet at home yet and I don't have my barings here again, really, it's going to be a bit rocky for a few weeks. But worry not - I'll be back in the swing of things soon. How I've missed fansom so!

I pride myself on reccing only the very best: the most enthralling, the most beautiful, the most compelling and interesting and poetic, the most inspired. There will be no wishy-washy recs here. I say this because every now and then I catch myself wanting to rec something only because I've read it, not so much because I loved it. Well, that's stopping right now. And besides, it was only ever so often to begin with.

On another note, I think that while I was gone some serious artists joined the fandom. No, really! God, this art isn't just good - it's breathtaking. All of the artists seem to be pouring in here to depict HP characters with spectacular ability.

I'm not complaining.

This is on Monday, as usual. Expect another, more detailed one, next week.

There are 0 discussion/rant, 4 fiction and 4 art recs this week.


If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays


A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ the way you fall by musesfool   [Remus/Sirius, G, 775]
That was amazing; She's got me sobbing. I haven't been that involved and in love with a fic in ages. Thank her so much, so much, so much, for this and everything it brings to me. I've always loved her work. GOD - Remus' plight, the tragic tale of Remus and Sirius. The last lines are brilliance. *sob* *clutches fandom*

+ Direction by taffetablue   [Sirius/Remus, PG, 1358]
OH... oh. That was perfection. I loved it, through and through. I can't gasp and hold myself enough. Just... oh. It's stolen my heart. *reels*

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ One or the Other by moshi   [Remus/Regulus, Remus/Sirius, NC-17, 799]
GGuuhhhhhhhhhnnnnnghghhgdfgbdkghb.dkg *wibble*
*goo*That was so great! I really like her style. I'm at the office and now a little too excited to be allowed. *ahem*

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Summer Skin by pansydarkbloom   [Sirius/James, PG, 870]
nuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was beauty. i melt for these two. and uugh the summer heat and the kisses and Sirius' intensity. I am so happy right now. *adores*

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Eclipse, Chapter 17 by gredandfeorge   [Harry/Draco, PG]
GUUUUUUUHHHHHhhhHhhhh *sniff* This is so gorgeous! I could melt right here, but there is more art to see. I love everything about this. Everything: the sky, the hands, the hair, the grass, the LOVE that permeates the whole canvas. Guhhhhh! *flails*

+ The Good Son by celestialsoda   [Regulus, G]
Where have I been?! I thought it was adamasoda. No matter. This is BEAUTIFUL. I love the contrast and the posture... her idea that Regulus would be feline while Sirius is canine is briliant, IMHO. I love this. GUHJHHHShdhladsb YES. More, please. :D

+ The Tonks Family by leelastarsky   [Andromeda Black/Ted Tonks and Nymphandora, G]
I have love everything that leela has ever, EVER put out and this is no exception. Awww!!!! I love it. I love it OMGOMG I love it. I can't stop looking! *runs back*

+ Odium by celynart   [Draco, G]
Oh, this is beautiful. Just beautiful. I love the strokes of color. I love the desolate pain in his eyes and the calm of his face - calm but with suck INTENSITY. <333333333333 ungh.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories


And I must add:

The Hogwarts Dancers. Just... go. That dancing is amazing, the story is cute and HARRY/DRACO & HARRY/RON UNDERTONES!! *dances* *squees* *watches again*
Thank you, willysunny.

Have a great week!

Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005, 12:51 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings | Fifteen

As I find myself again overwhelmed at newsletter-time this week, I've decided to make the recs come out every OTHER week from now on, on Monday as usual. I think this will be just the right length of time for me to actually read fics and know what's going on (or at least TRY) and then the newsletter can remail consistant.

Expect fuller editions as a result :)


Mon, Jun. 6th, 2005, 03:26 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 06.06.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Fourteen

Hellooooo everyone!! I apologise, once again, for the lack of newsletter last week. I worked three weeks straight with only two days off in between (and not together) and I was just dead and incapable.

And how I've MISSED fandom! I've missed fanfiction in particular. I had a couple of-defriends here at incredibile (I'm assuming because #14 is a week late) and that's okay. I hope this edition, Of Flying Wings | Fourteen, finds you all in excellent spirits and ready to read some excellent fiction. :D

This issue is a mix of older stuff (okay, maybe three weeks) and then everything from the last week and a half that I've read. I read a lot. I guess I really, REALLY missed fadom. I love you all!

There are 6 discussion/ran/essays, 24 fiction and 5 art recs&revs this week.

I have over 100 fics linked to read all this week, most of which were posted or recced last week. I think I'm just going to screw school this week and read fic every morning before work. That sounds like fun! And then I can get caught up completely on the flist and on fic.


If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ furiosity ponders Death-Eater!Draco   [1201]
Seriously, F does the best meta. I think I said that before...
She makes her point and does it well. I don't see anyone becoming a Death Eater, really, until much later in life. I mean, assuming that Lucius is from a school year around Voldemort's, he would have joined when he was, like, FORTY... definitely not a kid. I don't really see Draco wanting to be a DE anyway. I mean, he harasses... but KILLING people? That's an eleite group. :P

+ coffeejunkii discusses crossdressing!fic and kinks in general   [461]
Hmmmm. I like how she worded it and I agree. I have not much else to say so I'll stop here. :)

+ fanficcers hotter than fanartists (?) by midnight_ljc   [theory=short, comments=LONG]
This is AMAZING! It's like: Let's make a photo album of ALL writers and artists in the HP fandom on LiveJournal. OMG. I LOVE it. I LOVE seeing ALL OF YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! <33333333 *bounces* I love my fandom like WOHA. I don't support the arguement, though. You're all pretty.


+ All Right Now... by inkpuddle   [554]
This is FABULOUS. A nice middle ground with the correct points. Yay :D

+ darkasphodel rants On the Subject of Age and Truthfulness   [808]
I love when Lily rants. Does that make me strange? :D

+ girlsigh wrote Re: the 9845835 posts on age today   []
Chrystal is a goddess and I love this rant above all the others. I assume it's because of the shitload of RL involved in her reasoning but I know that she is right and she is so fabulous and I just love her to DEATH. Guh. Good rant. :D

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Tonight by cmere   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 922]
BETH IS A HORRIBLE SADISTIC MEANIE WHO LIKES TO HURT REMUS!!!!! *sob* With that said, this is very enjoyable. It's very hard to read. though. Poor, poor Lupin. I need a happy Remus/Sirius - QUICK! Beth is cool though... she includes word-counts. (♥!)

+ To Where You Are by noticeably   [Harry/Draco, R, 489]
I swear she's trying to hurt me. I won't kill her but... :( WHY IS THERE SAD FIC!??! I love this: They mean nothing to him, they are nothing to him, because there is nothing in them left to love. Nothing but empty, broken, useless vessels. And who, he thinks as he walks towards the burning village, can love a vessel? *flails*

+ Love Thine Enemy by furiosity   [Harry/Draco-ish, PG, 500]
This is great. I feel with Draco and I sympathise with all at Hogwarts for having to live under colors and compete. :( ♥♥!!!

+ The Only Thing Left by son_of_darkness   [Harry/Draco, R, 705]
Kye writes the most goddamn depressing stuff. God. I really loved this and UUUnnnnNGH! Poor Harry's watery eyes... sobbing against Draco's neck. OmGOD. My heart is fucking broken.
I just had to rec it again. I just HAD to. :((((( *snuggles fic* (or Kye, alternately)

+ Follow What's Mine by starrysummer   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 1200]
GUUuhhhhHH! That is fabulously dark and haunted. I love Harry's grin, how he's hidden it in the cupboard and such. OH, and I love their different perspectives. Harry's darkness is simple and powerful and perfect, and very scary. The whole wicked mood to the fic is awesome.

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ Harry Potter and the Slytherin-Coloured Lamborghini by geoviki   [Harry/Draco, PG, 877]
This is a ficlit written in the A Thousand Beautiful Things universe. Hehehee.

+ Animal Instincts by fluffyllama   [Harry/James/Sirius (AU), NC17, 4108]
I am going to go to hell for this. Oh MY GOD.. AGH! This was SEXY. Holy motherfucking God. This is hot like all hell (where I'm going) and playful too! dafjhvoaliyf!! And there he was. His son, his Harry. His hair wild with grass and sticking to his forehead in damp, dark strands, writhing under his godfather's hands. GUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *flails* This should win something.

+ Different Ways by cmere   [Remus/James, Remus/Sirius, MPP implied, NC17, 648]
GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh GOD I love MPP sex. Sub!Remus is worth every gasp... dfhvaouf0pifn;isufbfl;iuf!!!! LMoM has dome Beth GOOD. Can we have a threesome NEXT! PLEASE??! Too bad May is over :( This is wonderful. I love how delicate and teasing Sirius is - like he really loves Remus, and James loves him but not with sex included. It's like... for James, the sex is sex and Remus is a friend. Hmm.

+ Never Let Me Down Again: Pt Xii by petulantgod   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 1800]
This Remus is FUCKYESSEX. OMG. I haven't been following the story, but each part can be read alone as well and this one is GOOD. Guh.

+ a little bit of Remus/Harry/Sirius by broi   [Harry/Remus/Sirius, NC17, 794]
This is HOT. OMG. I love this threesome like chocolate and sex. Seriously! And this is really fucking hot. DOM!REMUS!! and Sirius' last words are SAD. This is GREAT. GO NOW!!! :D

+ Not Used to Sleeping Alone by cmere   [Remus/Draco/Severus, NC17, 1271]
Hehehehhehehehehh heh heh heh :D *rubs hands together* This is DEVILISH. I love a Remus a little dirty and insecure. TO BETH: This is fabulous and you know it, even though the pairing cound NOT be less normal. I hate you. Really. GUH, Beth. GUH. (!!!!!) *flails*

+ [ah, fandom] by fatale   [none, G, 149]
Teh snark of jetami is unveiled. I LOVE IT. It's a fandom mock and is OH SO LOVELY. :DD ***♥***

+ Cadbury's Creme Eggs by weasleyswitch   [Harry/Ron/Seamus, NC17, 2575]
That was SO. FUCKING. HOT. OH MY JESUS. This is one fic I will never forget. Holy!!!!!!! OMG! Ron is SO aggressive and demanding and dirty and SEXY and Harry's eyes so intense and Seamus is so turned on and adorable. I can't even go on about this too much or I might explode. OHMYGOD. This is sexy, sexy, SEXY with capital letters and in bold. I want to read it again... OMGOMG. KELL! If you inspire this sort of fic, do it MORE OFTEN, will you?! kthx

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ pages turn down by happiestwhen   [Hermione, Harry/Ron, G (gen), 1018]
I love most everything that Snoy writes but this, THIS, has to be by FAR my favourite. And that's saying a lot, in my opinion :P God, I LOVE this. I love everything about it. I love Hermione's POV, it's is so canon and spot-on and endearing and painful. I love your (her) perception of Ron and Harry and then her passiveness toward it, their passiveness toward eachother is perfect. I love how she observes Sirius, his eyelashes, his footfalls. I love her small delicate connection with Remus (and it's mystery). GUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

+ Autumn Can Really Hang You Up the Most by geoviki   [Draco, G(gen), 1228]
This takes place sometime post-war in the A Thousand Beautiful Things universe and is BEAUTIFUL. *sigh* I love the little journeys into Gregory and Draco's friendship. If you remember back to their first encounter in ATBT and now this, you'll see what I mean. (!!!) I love this - everything about the mood and the setting is perfect.

+ Warm Spell on a Cold Night by penguin474   [Draco/Harry, PG, 1418]
AGH! This is PERFECT and amazing and OMG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reoccuring snow, cold, tinkling of glass, jingling of ice. It's so mute and gorgeous and cold and HOT and I love every SECOND I am in this fiction. :: I think we are both affected strangely by the clear, sharp beauty of the night, by the moon throwing handfuls of glitter over the snow and by the vague sense of danger that always hangs in the air like shards of glass in severe cold, making the sky jingle and twinkle like an enormous chandelier. :: OH MY JESUS. I just love the wording of everything here. And I love the first-person. I RARELY come across first-person that I like, especially that of Draco. This is refressing and sharp and gorgeous.
Anyone know the author? I'm not going to spend time becoming a member of fiction alley...

+ What I Did On My Holiday, or How I Learned to Love Draco Malfoy Despite Knowing Better by thetreacletart   [Ron/Draco, NC17, 7001]
OOOOoooOOooo this is EXCELLENT! I've never read a Ron/Draco that I liked before (with the exception of one PWP) and I am SO happy I read this! I love the distance that remains between them the whole time without actually being a distance - just a barrier. I love Ron. EEeee!! Guh! I am quite pleased. Draco in Ron's shirt! That was the best part. And the "moments." :DD

+ Unwound by tea_and_snark   [Remus/Sirius, R, 1230]
This is INCREDIBILE. The use of words astounding. I am so drawn in to this fic and I feel all knotted up along with Sirius and I just WANT, NEED them to have these moments. And the pulsing music and the grinding and the breathing and moaning AGGHH! I am just a pile of goo. I loved this so, so much and it hurt - but it wasn't sad. GUUUHHHH! *wibbles* !!!

+ Unforgiven by underlucius   [Petunia, G (gen), 315]
Oh! That was fabulous. Really. She's looked deep into Petunia and seen an angle of reality I believe is there and I never saw. *bounces* I really, really love this. The whole this is SO PETUNIA, too, which just adds to my love. I am so CRAZY about good genfic. GUUHHHH! Read this.

+ Irish Blood, English Heart by shocolate   [Seamus/Dean, PG, 100]
AAahh! This is SO cute :D So delicate and sweet and subtle.

+ A Library With A View by thetreacletart   [Ron/Hermione, Harry, PG, 4366]

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Harry, Ron and Pig by leelastarsky   [G]
This artist ALWAYS takes my breath away. This is BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE!! I love Pig! Harry's gase and contentment is matched in beauty by Ron's calm, interested gase and the feather at Pigwidgeon's head :P I LOVE this. Especially the owl. AWWWWWWWWW!!

+ Harry/Ron by nebulaean   [Harry/Ron, PG]
I may have recced this before but I am crazy about it today and have to put it here. The whole style just GETS me. GUH! ♥!

+ Cynicism (Boyd!Draco) by froggie   [G]
+ Children of the Revolution (Harry and Draco) by froggie   [G]
(Same link.) These are amazing. I LOVE the second one, Children of the Revolution. OH MY FUCKING GOD I love it.
GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They are, too. In a way. In a big way. :DDDDDDDDD I love every part of the second drawing. The first one I love too, for all it's lines and hotness, but the second captures my heart. The distant, dispondant look in Draco's eyes. The hostile, un-innocent look in Harry's. OMG!!!!!!!

+ Draco/Harry by red_rahl   [PG]
Heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Happy Birthday DRACO!!!!!!! <3333

+ Draco by _lile   [G]
OH MY GOD this is incredible. Draco's expression is SO intense - it almost seems as if this is some Slytherin ritual and he's not wanting to be part of it... Death Eaters?! I LOVE every part about this. I love his pout and his eye. I LOVE the fabrics. It looks Japanese and very ancient and valuable and important - especailly the shirt/cloak beneith the outer one (which has amazing blue trim). The green and the buttons and the stiffness of the collar are all perfect. I am crazy about this! *flails* I couldn't reply to this entry because the comments are screened as "friends only." If any of you know her (him?), will you please let them know that I loved it? THANK you. :D

+ J.A. Knightly by celestialsoda   [G - with ficlit!]
This is a portrait of an OC (?) named J.A. Knightly, a pureblood MoM. It's fabulous. It looks SO pureblood, too. The bio is perfect! EEEEEEE!!

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

+ Salvation & Sacrament by abbycadabra   [Harry/Draco, PG, 16136]
This is incredibile. I mean UNBELIEVEABLE. The words are liquid poetry that pour over me and convince me I've seen endless skies and deep sunsets and have met the end of the Earth - or the only place on Earth. Harry's desperation is so subtle and deep that it's more than real - it's omnipresent. I love how for fleeting seconds or nights Harry can forget his inner struggles. I love Draco's coldness, even through all the love and kisses. I feel their distance. I didn't see until the end how really circumstantial their entire love and reality was; I suppose I'm jaded by reading so many Harry/Draco fics where they are dying to be together. This is all so real and expansive and harsh and perfect and so, SO COLORFUL. I've cried and now I LOVE this. It isn't really novel-length but it is in two parts and took me over an hour to read, so it goes here. This is amazing and you all MUST read it. I love Africa. I love beauty and sadness and harsh sand. God.

Though it's entirely unnecessary, I should tell you all that shoebox_project has been updated with Part Twenty: February 1977 and it is fantastic, as usual. If you haven't read Shoebox yet, GET CRACKING because it is one of those things that you have no choice but to love and adore forever and you WILL thank me for it (and more importantly will thank ladyjaida and dorkorific for). :DD I <33333333333333333333333333333333333333 Shoebox! WHEE!

Wed, Jun. 1st, 2005, 12:12 am
incroyable: fandom!

I have been reading fiction for a couple of hours! I've missed it!! I've been defriended by a couple of people whom I though really read my journal. I can't say I'm not a bit... taken aback.

But I don't know how I should react. I mean, if I SAY it, as I am now, does that make me petty? I don't think so. Those that defriended me just DID and, well, you know, oh well. We had a good run. Did we? Because that's where things get weird. I though we were sort-of, kind-of friends. Or I really did think we were friends. Really.


I probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

I'll be reading more fic and the flist soon. Hooray.

ETA: Thank you all for your kind words :D - I've just found (because I am dumb in the wee hours of the morning and didn't check) that both are deleted journals and that's the confusion. dacro was my main informant *shifty eyes* SO:

To Tip - LOVE! I hope you come back and you're better than ever. ♥!!!! I adore you because you are so adorable. Really. And you say the nicest things EVER.

To Valerie - You are such an amazing and beautiful and talented person. I adore so much about you and I really, really hope that you find who you are and where you need to be. If that means never being online again, so be it. I love you because I do and I want to see you better off, nomatter how. Your drawings and poetry move me like few other things do and I can't respect and adore you enough for that. ♥♥♥ and HUGS.


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