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Sat, Aug. 5th, 2006, 03:57 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 05.08.06 | HP Fandom Recs | Twenty

Without a post last week because of Lumos, I feel slightly lame for not having something more. This week is only stuff I managed to read or see in passing. Next week will be a more genuine newsletter because I have 23827492345w4434 fics I want to read and about 23784 pieces of art to see, but in the meantime... this!

I was browsing through a lot of recs lists this week, so next week... beware. :D

ETA: Oh my God. I have just been through some of my earlier posts in this journal and I just have to say... FUCK, I was so emo! I'm sorry! Lol. No, seriously. Sorry.

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ F's HBP Commentaries have been updated with Chapter 19, by furiosity, of course :D
Ahhhhhh!... I LOVE THESE. Besides being entertaining, memorable, and sometimes DAMN hilarious, they're an excellent way to explore canon through F's mind, which is priceless. Being recently implanted with a lust for canon, these commentaries make me want to crawl insides the books and live there forever. (!!!!). My favorites were by far part 2, part 5, and part 6 (MIB lol ... just... see my comment for a better review). :DD

+ happiestwhen discusses OTPs and conflicting and harmonious ships
All of my OTPs work together like clockwork: H/D, R/Hr, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily. But I also consider MPP my OT3, and I ADORE James/Sirius, James/Remus, Sirius/Lily, Snape/Lupin, and Ron/Harry (can you tell I'm obessed with the marauders era?! *falls over*). I think that you can have more than one true OTP, as long as they work with other OTPs that you have as well. I love all the pairings I've just listed, but my OTPs don't conflict with eachother. Good stuff.

+ emmagrant01 has posted a review of Lumos as a whole, which I really enjoyed and absolutely agree with. If you're interested, there it is.

+ Crack, the Crack Panel at Lumos, and a Poll! by emmagrant01
I have nothing to say. This lovely woman *strokes her perfect hair* was the mod for the crack panel and did an excellent job. I love discussing crack.
Shall we?

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow   [Regulus/Lily, R, 3900]
This broke my heart! Ohhhhh, this is beautiful. I didn't think I'd like it because I hate things that break James/Lily, but in a tragic, harsh, painful way it has incorporated canon so perfectly I am speechless. Ahh!! *sobs*

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun, fluff

+ Rough by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 505]
Guhhhhh. And H/D undertones! Go shocolate!! I am rapidly becoming obsessed with these 50_smutlets drabbles.

+ Never Mind The Bollocks, It's Draco/Harry (Shake Your Groove Thing) by geoviki   [Harry/Draco, R, 4999]
I had never read this and I suppose still haven't read it... but geoviki read it aloud for the crack panel at Lumos and I basically peed my pants and died from laughing so hard! So it's excellent. I'm so glad I'm reccing something older, gosh. :DDD!! Heee.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ The Canvas by enchated_jae   [Draco/Harry, R, 247]
A drabble that make my heart glee with sweet happiness? But of course.

+ Four Drabbles by starrysummer   [Albus/Tom, Draco/Pansy, Pansy/Ginny, Inferi Regulus, PG]
I was there when some of these were written! I love the Draco/Pansy one. *loves* And it's Led Zeppelin lyrics!

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Draw Something that Completely Contradicts Your OTP, with art posted by mudblood428, myrafur, mneomosyne, and reallycorking   [G to NC17]
I love mudblood's piece! HOMYGOD! Guhhhhh. And my favorite is reallycorking's - *WIBBLE* Yes. Ohhhh, yes. Only she can make my love and lust for het. UNSdudksgnjngfjgf,gnnhh.

+ Black Portraits by kungfooqueen   [G]
These are so cute! And very pretty. I love Bellatrix.

+ Burned by realycorking   [Harry/Ginny, R]
We all already know that reallycorking, celestialsoda and __hibiscus are by far my most favorite artists (how many times did i say this at Lumos?! *headdesk*), but this is really outstanding. I love Harry's contentment and the full pleasure shown in his face and the drape of his arms. I love Ginny's face and hair. Eee! If you can stand het, go here now.

+ Territory by __hibiscus   [Sirius/Lily, G]
OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *ded*

+ Felix Felicis by lizardspots   [Harry/Ron, G]
I love her coloring! Lucky Kerry! Hehee. I love the look on Harry's face.

+ Art: Harry/Draco, Cedric/Victor by glockgal   [G]
Sketches! I like Glock's art more when there's no color. I know I mentioned this to cmere at Lumos, but I'll say it again here. I think her raw sketches are just magnificent on their own. And glockgal is GORGEOUS, btw.

+ Happy Birthday, Harry! by reallycorking   [Harry/Ginny, NC17]
Hehee. What a blowjob should be... with the feet up and having fun and all. *g* It's Harry/Ginny again and I LIKE it.

+ awkward bonding moment by pastelninja   [Harry/Ron, PG]
ROFL. Please go now. LOL. Omgosh. AHAHahhahaaa I LOVE Ginny's face... and Harry's. HEE! And wtf me - just reading the words is so hot. *loves*

+ Lumos Art by __hibiscus   [Harry/Draco G]
Hibi wins the earth. I saw these in person! AHH! So lovely. This is what I LOVE about this lady's art - the LINES. And her coloring is so dark and perfect. These two pieces showcase only the lines and I am in love.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

Haha, yeah right. Maybe next week :)

Mon, Aug. 7th, 2006 12:03 am (UTC)

Thanks for the rec! But if you heard my reading, you only heard the first tiny bit of "Never Mind the Bollocks" so you need to read the ending now to know how our boys, er, come together. And you'll finally get to hear the songfic!

The audience for that panel was so receptive and encouraging! I have to thank you enormously.

Mon, Aug. 7th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)

Yes! Oh, I wil read it. Thanks :D

I know, that panel was just excellent - we were glad to be a receptive audience *g*