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Sun, May. 29th, 2005, 12:50 am
incroyable: Of Flying Wings | Fourteen

There is not going to be a newsletter this Monday; I apologise in advance to all of you who were looking forward to it. Between the huge festival taking place in Seattle and the holiday weekend, the tourism industry is booming, which in turn means I have NO time :) I will certainly have a large newsletter for next week.

To all you new people that have just joined, WELCOME! I'm sorry to start off your week with a no-show, but that's how life goes sometimes.
Thank you all for your patience. I hope that you all have an excellent weekend and next week!


Tue, May. 24th, 2005, 02:47 pm
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 24.05.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Thirteen

I feel like I'm more strict in what I rec now. I'm not sure why, but I feel that way... turning away from fics that were good, but not really incredibile. I suppose that makes sense, I guess, I this is incredibile, anyway.

I had a lot of fun this week doing the recs! I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer. I'm horribly behind on current fics and dont know if I'll get to them at all but I'll try.

I'm sorry they came out Tuesday. I need to edit the userinfo to say that Monday really means Tueday... :P

And because it would seem strange to REC it I am just going to link to it - I wrote a fiction a couple of days ago and I think it's rather good. I'm excited abotu it, at least.

+ Edges of His Memory by incroyable   [Harry, PG (gen), 453]


There are 0 discussion/rant/essays, 23 fiction and 2 art recs&revs this week.

Have a great week!

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

none :(

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ And miles to go by happiestwhen   [Harry/Sirius, PG, 658]
Saaaaaaaaaddddd. And disturbed. Poor, poor Harry :(

+ The Only Thing Left by son_of_darkness   [Harry/Draco, R, 705]
Kye writes the most goddamn depressing stuff. God. I really loved this and UUUnnnnNGH! Poor Harry's watery eyes... sobbing against Draco's neck. OmGOD. My heart is fucking broken.

+ Remember When It Rained by noticeably   [Harry/Draco, PG, 250]
No, no she didn't. UGH. I LOVE when characters go insane. Especially when it's in that really sad, creepy, slow way...

+ All roads lead back home by shikishi   [Ron/Harry, Harry/Draco (Ron-centric), R, 4070]
This made me cry really, really hard. I mean, like, I had to take off my glasses and cover my face and just hold myself for a while. I'm still really, REALLY crying and I can't see the keyboard. Thank god I know where the damn keys are. This is so goddamn beautiful. Ron's story is horribly sad and plain, and yet, he's the best friend ANYONE could EVER want. I want him. And I am infuriated at Harry for asking Ron to stay. CAN'T HE SEE HOW IT HURTS HIM?! *sob* Oh! The whole thing is just so sad. I feel for Ron. I really do. Harry and Ron DANCING *omfgcries*

+ 1-2-0-7-0-3 by platoapproved   [Draco/Blaise, R, 1215]
I don't even know how to comment to that. And sometimes I am comfused. That was brilliance, that there. There aren't proper words. I feel very... effected, though I don't know where to claim I've changed. Euhhh. I LOVE this. It's so royaly messed up. There's an ACHE at the end that can't be denied.

+ Five Ways to Make Remus Lupin Cry by circe_tigana   [Remus/Sirius, Remus/Harry, R, 1150]
That was superb. He laughs then, brittle like broken glass and just as full of edges. I can't get over that line. I want MORE, goddamnit. Really, this is excellent.

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ A Traveller Falters: the Cartography of Forgotten Countries by girlsigh   [Harry/Draco, PG, 1011]
Chrystal is insane and this, this is fabulous. Heheheee. I cackle with her! Really, though, highly amising and nonsensical. Completely strange. Chrystal at her... most random :P

+ Desperate Measures by mirasfics   [Harry/Harry, R, 7267]
OIUHISubdvndkjnfjdjsjnfljknlgijghh! That was FABULOUS! OMG! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! No, really, GUUHHHH.

+ Sociolinguistics Exam at 1:30 PM Tomorrow by broi   [Seamus/Harry, Fred/George, NC17, 1086]
Erm, that's not the title... it's just words from her RL bit above that stood out to me and since this doesn't have a title... yeah. Make a good title, though, don't they?
GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!! SAkjhdifuodi!! *flails*
This is AWESOME. TWINCEST! This is just... sex piled on SEX. Kell is my hero. Yes, yes she is. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. I LOVE the twins. And a... well, you just have to read it.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots, general gen

+ Untitled for Tarie by xylodemon   [Harry/Ron, PG, 709]
This is SO BEAUTIFUL. The way she wove canon into her story, the way she PROVED through canon Ron's love is PERFECT. This made me cry a lot and really, I don't know why. This line, omg: Their first kiss tastes like lake water, and Harry remembers how to breathe. I clapped my hand to my mouth and choked out a sob. Again, don't ask me why, but I did cry all the way though this. GOD. ♥♥

+ What Dreams May Come by kaalee   [Seamus/Dean, PG, 200]
UGHH!! The passion of love in art. Brilliant :D And very sweet.

+ Untitled veela!Draco by xylodemon   [Harry/Draco, R, 515]
I am so intregued. I like how Harry sort of floats through it all. Beautiful, and sort of... strange. I'm not a huge fan on veela!Draco and this really, really changed my mind.

+ So I Will Comfort You by mallow_giraffe   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 1702]
oh my god
That was beyond fantastic. Harry is beautiful, his depression so secret and his near-suicides scary. Ron is sexy. *wibbles* I'm going to cry. His jacket is rough and warm under your cheek, and you know you will have an imprint of corduroy lines across your cheekbone when you lift your head. Right now, though, it feels too heavy to lift safely, and the world is spinning dangerously. Instead, you close your eyes and give in to the gentle rocking of the train. :)

+ Any Other Tuesday by sheafrotherdon   [Remus, James, PG, 676]
FABULOUS! This REALLY plays up marauder!Remus, which we see little of (most tend to focus on the mature, hesitant, delicate even, I'm-only-a-marauder-by-association-and-I-don't-really-approve!Remus) and I LOVE it. I love their relationship. It really makes me think about James and Remus again, an association I tend to forget. I mean, they were FREINDS. I think I think over the tragedy of Remus and Sirius too much and forget that James died as well. It's horrible. This is just fantastic and really fun. :D

+ One Hunderd Days by darkasphodel   [Harry/Draco, PG, 700]
EuuhhhhHH! That was perfect and sad. Just what I wanted. Harry has hope, and that is enough. Enough.

+ Waking Up With You by abremaline   [Harry/Draco, R, 1717]
OOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo. This is EXCELLENT! I was expecting it to be sad for some reason and I was really thrilled when it was happy at then end. I love the whole feeling of the fic...it's sort of surreal and sort of like we're just watching fate take it's role in everything. I LOVE this.

+ A Lesson in Negativity by hydaspes   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 2700]
This is UNBELIEVEABLE. You've created a world and characters I don't even think I KNEW before this. I just.. *flails* This is fantastic! And so beautiful! And right and natural and sideways. I LOVE this. GOD.

+ The Vagueness of Now by shikishi   [Harry (mention of Draco), PG, 921]
This is SO compelling. ARGH! I LOVE it when characters go crazy or have amnesia or anything like that. I LOVE IT. UGH!!

+ True Colors by gehayi   [Sirius, PG (gen?), 947]
This is beautiful. Really, really beautiful and visual and logical, too. I love this. I really, really love it.

+ Shy Boy by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, PG, 643]
*snicker* AWWWWWWW!! :P They ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER OMG!!!! :DD I love Harry... so oblivious. :P

+ Prism by coffeejunkii   [Harry/Draco, PG, 2854]
(Part FOUR of the Broken Glass series!)
Oh, GOD, I have been waiting for this for what seems like FOREVER. (!!!!!) This is so, so utterly perfect. For anyone who has read the other fics in the Broken Glass verse, this will mean SO MUCH! *sob* This is the happiest. I love how in all the stories (exvept maybe the prequel) there is sadness, confusion, tolerance, and hurt, but in the end there is so much HOPE. It's so damn POWERFUL. Uuuuhhhhhnhhghh!! This is BRILLIANT. (And thank god it's not going to be mpreg. That would turn me around pretty quick :( I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!)

+ We Both Go Down Togeather by angel423   [Remus/Sirius, PG, 228]
Brilliant or just very, very sad? I can't decide, but it's going here. I mean it's happy, but with the knowledge of what fill come it is SAD! OMG! *sniffle* This is so pretty: It was so easy to say in between frantic kisses on dusty sheets with the hazy pink warning of the day to come straining to sneak in through ripped window shades and broken window panes. POETRY.

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Sixth-Hand Bride by nimori   [Harry/Weasley boys, NC17]

+ James by __hibiscus   [PG]
From the quote: “Good Lord, if you don’t look every inch the debauched schoolboy,” Sirius whispered huskily. which is SEXY OMG on it's own. This picture is ALL KINDS of SEXXXXY. Guhh. You can't take it or use it at all, please, because it's a comissioned work, but you're welcome to oogle it :D

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

+ Seven Things That Didn't Happen On Valentine's Day At Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did. by lupercali   [Remus/Sirius, PG, 25,475]
This story is un-fucking-believeable. OH MY GOD. I mean, to say that is a fucking understatement. Holy-- !!!!!!! I clicked on this from god-knows-where and started reading, simple as that. For a while I thought it was rather Shoebox-ey and very, very silly and fun but by ten minutes in I was completely and wholly engrossed adn I couldn't give it up. By a half an hour in there was no way you could get me to stop reading. Even when I had laughed myself t tears or sobbed and had my heart broken into thousands of little pieces and sobbed out my last goddamn tears I kept reading, because I HAD to know what happened.
This story is SO, SO beautiful. It makes excellent statements abotu genders and out society, and it's also hilarious and horribly, blatantly romantic in some of the most beautiful and powerful ways that you only come across every blue moon. I love this with so many fibres of myself I don't think I could ESTIMATE a number. AAAUAGHHHHHH!!!!! You have to read this. You just HAVE to. ♥♥♥

I have been thinking NON STOP of two fics that I read and rec&rev'ed a long time ago and I thought I'd post them again because, really, they both are still fabulous. I could not get them out of my mind, and both may have been somewhat of an inspiration for my ficlit.

They were both recced in Of Flying Wings | Four.

+ Seventeen steps along the wall, by shikishi   [Draco, PG, 492]
OH GOD, I just LOVE everything about this. What to SAY?! There's so much underlying creppiness and yet she writes with such simplicity. I love Draco's slight madness. Guuuuh! I love the sounds of battle. I love the sliver of light. I love the counting of steps, his imtimate knowledge of the place that he has no familiarity with. Definately one of my favorite pieces, ever.
Funny I recced shikishi before and didn't even rememebr it. Hehe. This is one of my all-time MOST favourite fics. I DO NOT know why, but I filt it so compelling that I'm think of it months later for no reason.

+ Untitled: White Houses by crimson_stained [Harry/Draco, R, 6219]
Utter brilliance. Just... I am lacking in the word department today! There is a house. They go there, they forget, they make memories, Draco is lovely. There is so much innocence and sad reality and beautiful life and love. I'm going to cry again!
I still love this to bits. LOVE, man. I find it so powerful it's unbelieveably. GUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Tue, May. 17th, 2005, 06:01 am
incroyable: *dances*

As of right now I have exactly 100 readers. I can't bloody believe it.

Thank you all for reading. That just lifted my spirits immensely.

Tue, May. 17th, 2005, 05:58 am
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 16.05.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Twelve

I didn't do that well. Well, I read a couple of things. Then I cried a few times, and I mean REALLY fucking cried because I knew from Thursday on that it wasn't going to happen, this newsletter. I even posted for an hour that I didn't have one.

I tried my hardest to read before bedtime or to get up and make reading a priority over schoolwork for just a little while, or to try and read while I ate, but I didn't get much in anyway; I've just literally had absolutely no goddamn time. I sobbed and David held me and told me that it didn't matter and sometimes he yelled at me that my life is more important than the "fucking Potter newsetter." And maybe he was right, but I love doing this. I do it for me, for FUN, but it wasn't fun this weekend. It was stress and hell and I thought that maybe I could read a lot today before and after work and in the end I still have not even a poor excuse of a newsletter.

So after looking at it, I guess I actually did read a lot and was just in a severe slump after reading some things and got carried away.


I had a grand total of 10 hours to read this ENTIRE fucking weekend. I swear that next week, I have planned TIME to do some goddamned reading. This weekend there simply WAS NOT any time. I scraped for it, but I just ended up sobbing on the bus to work thinking that maybe you'd all hate me and that everyone would defriend this because I couldn't read ANYTHING.

Then I mentally slapped myself.

I reminded myself that I'm doing this newsletter for myself, not for you, and untimately it has to be fun, not stress.
I reminded myself that I started out reccing maybe 7 things and last time it was over 70.
I reminded myself that that was excessive, unless I was planning to get a degree in Harry Potter fanfiction and art.
And I reminded myself that maybe you all will keep reading, even if some weeks are so crazy that I only read a little.
And then I wrote and coded the sodding thing and am posting it.

My life is SUPERCRAZY. I hope this will do.
I promise you all that next week I will be caught up and be back to my bubbly, happy self, complete with actual duscussion/essay and art recs and some ♥s to go with it.

Bear with me, yeah?

There are 0 discussion/rant/essays, 23 fiction, and 1 art recs this week.

If you only read one thing here, read A Library With A View by thetreacletart. It will steal your heart and blow you away.


If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays


A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ When He Walks Away by happiestwhen   [Harry/Draco, PG, 485]
That was beautiful. Really beautiful. The last couple of sentences are really powerful and have me all choked up. My heart really is with Draco and I'm all crying and clinging to my laptop :( *sob* This was so great. She never fails :)

+ ...and winter draws its icy breath by happiestwhen   [Remus (Remus/Sirius, Remus/Bellatrix?), R, 1772]
The voice in his head now is a slick, slurred, near-seductive whisper, and it sounds nothing like Voldemort. Remus wonders if this is Tom’s voice now, or if the voice is no one’s voice. Maybe it is all in Remus’ imagination.
The last couple of paragraphs are pure POWER. GOD, almighty. I love the delerium that comes with death. I love the descriptions she put in for it. I am overwhelmed with the ending. OH. Hello. Goodbye. *dies* slajdouakf

+ Rotten Cucumers by platoapproved   [Harry/Ron, R, 682]
This is really, really, REALLY dark and kind of scary and I absolutely loved it. I'm scared for Ron. I have so many unanswered questions. AUGH!! *tears at hair* The last bit was powerful and scary and tense and then very sad *sigh* I LOVED this: Harry’s nailpolish is chipped at the edges and uneven, like Ron’s mind. Jagged, thin, temporary. [...] GUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. The only humour to be found here is in the "pairings" note at the beginning where she wrote "Sirius/Ron if you squint and turn your head to the left a little." Ha ha? :( SAD fic.

+ In the Winter of You're Gone by blacksatinrose   [Remus/Sirius, R, 1700]
This is positively the most tragic, most perfect Remus/Sirius I have read since Haiku for London by imochan, which until now was the saddest R/S I'd ever read. This is beautiful. Remus' grief and denial, his complete numbness and detachment... Everything is beautiful in that warped horrible way that makes tragedy beautiful. I had (still have) tears streaming down my face without really choking or sobbing. It's a delicate sort of sad, sort of as if I'm in disbelief. I remember the carpet, and the part where Remus can't breathe very clearly. And the sentence about Wilde. So much sticks with me, this really went down deep into me and touched something sensitive. Guuhh. *cries*

+ Je t'aime aussi by shikishi   [Harry/Draco, R, 768]
Wow. Shikishi. Okay. First off, I want to say that in the last 20 minutes I have read an adorable drabble, a harsh post-war (assumably) sortof-dark!fic, a complete PWP involving food and now this (an angsty, extremely depressing in a Romeo and Juliette sort of way fic), all by her, and all I can say is SHE are ONE HELL of a WRITER! Christ! I am very, very impressed. I've read fiction of hers before and I've even recced it before but never had I realised how varying her style is, and how much I end up highly pleased at the end. I think she should win some sort of prize for that :D REALLY. Moving on, this really was painful. The last few lines really got me and that's what I love. Really, really good writing here. I hurt for them both. :(

+ not scared anymore by happiestwhen   [Sirius, Harry, G, 257]
This is so lovely. Guuhhh: e wonders what it is that frightens Harry, what it is that makes Harry’s lower lip tremble like the child Sirius (and everyone) forgets he still is. and he fluttering touch of his eyelashes against Sirius’ cheek like wings. Your words are my poetry. This is so simple and it feels delicate. <333

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ Freckles by shocolate   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 5400]
That was OMG SUPERFUN!!!! HAhahahaaaaa!! I mean, real, hardcore fun to read. I was laughing and gasping and covering my mouth with my hand like I do in the movies! HaHA! And her story was really inventive. I mean, how original is that? Very. SO. MUCH. LOVE! It's all about teh Harry/Ron. Oh, yes, that it is. :DD

+ Further Discussion by cmere   [Remus/Harry, NC17, 1088]
dkahbf;iudbf;piuhfs;ounsd.fk *flails* Wow.

+ Blushing Pretty by dramaphile   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 800]
GUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH. OMG. and when I’ve got you shaking under me, completely fucking undone, out of your mind with need, I’ll wrap my hand around you and you’ll scream my name as you come so hard you see stars. THAT. (omfg) THAT. What a SEXY goddamn story. The li'l skirt! UUuhhhH! And Sirius' arse and Remus' hisky voice. Just... KSHgddilfbdjnjsf. That was fucking sexy. (and I love the title)

+ Best Everything by tarie   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 5614]
GUUUUUHHHHhhhHHhhh! This is FANTASTIC! She writes Harry/Ron the way it SHOULD be written. GAH!! I love this to pieces. The whole dynamic, all the lines, even the SWEAT (omgomg) is all spot on and sexy. As always, her Ron is brilliant, and so sweet and loving and lovable. Harry is brilliant, and so cute. The kisses are brilliant. This is brilliant!! *bounces*

+ Freudian Slip by jennavere   [Harry/Draco, PG, 9392]
Jennavere is the new HIGH QUEEN of silly!!!! LET US CROWN HER! I needed that. I REALLY needed that. Holy Jesus! First Gryffindor Seduction 101 last week (okay, that was when I read it) and now this?!! EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEE!! Oh, hahahahahahahahaa!! I am CRAZY for horribly OoC, silly, ridiculous fun like this!!! The kitchen scene is the ABSOLUTE BEST EVAR OMFG!!! EEEhehehehee. ♥♥

+ Proverbial Musings by anyotherknight   [Harry/Draco, R, 6929]
This was really cute and a clever idea. I like Draco. There's a lot of OOC Pansy/Hermione scheming and Ron totally has no problem with a gay Harry, which I think is strange, but overall I really liked this. The moment in the great hall is the best. Hee!

+ Bertie McGumpher and a Case of the Jollies by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, PG, 2363]
THAT! That was SO cute and silly and sweet! I love some of the sentences, REALLY. I just... gleeee!! That was great. I laughed a lot and glggled when I wasn't laughing and I really enjoyed myself. Remus kissed him: affection like the tide. Lips, tongue and mingled breath - the nudge-sweep of sandcastle dreams. That is a great line. A GREAT line. And the whole Skip of Jolly part. Brilliant. :P This is slightly Crackfic (or so she says) and it is EXCELLENT. :DD

+ Pretty in Pink by anise_anise   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 2749]
dyfifhblisd!! That was/is SO GOOD! PINK!!!!!!!!! And sexy boys and lip gloss. GUhhhhhHHHh! <333

+ Somnophilia by fleshdress   [Remus/Sirius, R, 636]
THAT is GREAT. And sexy. Teehee :D

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots

+ A Library With A View by thetreacletart   [Ron/Hermione, Harry, PG, 4366]
There once was child in second hand robes who stood in the shadows of others. There once was a knight who challenged a faceless Queen and sacrificed himself. There once was a friend who faced a convicted murderer and screamed, “…you'll have to kill us all.” There once was a boy who was jealous and made her cry. There once was a keeper who was too insecure to realize his own potential. There once was soldier who fought the greatest of evils.
Ron was a little bit of all these people, some of which she hadn't seen in a very long time. But everything was different now and the Ron who was on the other side of the door could be all or none of them.

I am sobbing but it's, like, a really good kind of sobbing. This is so, so wonderful. It's fantastic. All of your characters are PERFECT and I just can't fucking stop crying! The line about Hermione forgetting to leave the library was hilarious and I don't know how but it gave this intense intimacy to Ron and Hermione. And the way Ron acts, they way they all act - relieved and a little too mature bun not intentionally and all just happy to live - is heartwarming and heartbreaking in the same instant. This whole fiction has planted itself deep inside my heart and I'm clutching at it and the damn tears are still running down my face. This is unbleieveable and utterly fantastic and brilliant and beautiful and full of life and real happiness and I've won over my soul. Thank you so much, thank you millions, from the bottom of my heart for this.

+ In the closet by michichu   [Harry/Draco, PG(en), 14555]
khjgbp;idughliuv lifjbgfdkjgbsk sdjsiuvboiu dfosfbvi sufv;oushfg;iuehgp;ouewhr; gv9o8w4t;ofgu s;fiuvfdjjsf
Don't read this review. JUST GO READ THE STORY NOWNOWNOWW!! Just - GO.
JESUS SODDING MOTHERFUCKING HOLY BLOODY CHRIST. HOLY MOTHER OF-- she's goddamn RIGHT there are no warnings - it comes at you out of NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!
No. words. I am SHOCKED, APALLED, scared, totally overwhelmed, holding my breath and COMPLETELY in LOVE with michichu. OH my god. I just DIED. I have never used CAPS or swear words so fucking excessively in my entire dammed life. HOLY CHRIST. HOLY GOD! OMG! I was just going along, la dee daa, yay story, mostly Ron's POV - RON IS EXCELLENT BY THE WAY; COMPLETELY GODDAMNED PERFECT!!!! - and just more laaaaa la la oh poor Ginny, but Harry's happy, right?
AND THEN OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG WHAT the FUCK?!!?! I GOT SODDING WHIPLASH, I did such a double take. The end made me audibly GASP and clutch at myself and then hold my breath for what must have been six minutes as I read it OVER and OVER again, gasping and hyperventilating and totally disbelieveing my eyes. OH MY GOD.
This is bloody fucking BRILLIANT and I am obsessed. I have never been that done in after fic before in my life. I can't even fucking believe it it is so fucking scary.
michichu wins the goddamn motherfucking universe. I am going to bed.

+ Grey Day Conversation by owlbutter&nsbp;  [Harry/Draco, PG, 423]
Awwwww!! This left me with a huge smile on my face! I LOVE her ajectives! And the way she's written it all, I just really like the style overall :D Eeee! I love this sweet, tricky Draco. And the mug, and Harry, and the pyjamas, the whole moving from the door to the living room. This is just perfect. <3

+ Boredom by shikishi   [Harry/Draco, G, 295]
This is so beautiful and so, SO damn sweet it's perfect! I love the theme of rain throughout, and I was literally choked up at the last line. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. *cuddles*

+ Absolution by shikishi   [Harry/Draco, PG, 1302]
Ohhhhhh. *heavy sigh* This should maybe go in A Frightening Shadow but it's going here.
That was unbelieveably beautiful. Unbelieveable. She's written this so perfectly, so precice... delicate and slow. Absolutely beautiful. I have OCD and this really touched me. I mean REALLY touched me. I love every last DROP of this fiction. God oh GOD. This is what it's all about. Feeling. And power. I get both here. Guhh.

+ Draco's Brilliant Plan by mizbean   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 735]
This is So great! I love the atmosphere around the two, the sticky summer heat, it lingers and really keeps solid throughout the fic. And I love Draco's inner monologue :P Heee! This is excellent. Guuuhhhhhh!!! *bounces*

+ Illumination by jamie2109   [Harry/Draco, PG, 756]
That was really beautiful. She's shown love's colours :D I LOVE this Harry. He's mature and has hope. We need more Harrys with courage.

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Cover by anno_domino   [G]
This is the cover for A Thousand Beautiful Things (which I've recced before) by a friend of the author. It's great! Everyone should read that fic because it is my most favourite chapter fiction ever.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories

+ Save One Thing by magicicada   [Harry/Dudley, PG, ~30000]
I have no fucking goddamn stupid words. Just read the comment I wrote:
Before I begin to tell you how much you completely screwed me up by writing this, I'd like to tell you that you positively blew me away. Your style of writing is amazing, enthralling, and it drew me in before I knew WHAT I had gotten myself into. I am fancinated by everything you wrote. Really, everything. Your use of the English language is brilliant and absolutely compelling.
That aside, what were you THINKING?!?! I guess you don't know, but really. Harry/DUDLEY?! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *worried face* I can't believe it just READ IT! And in six bleeding chapters, too!! AHHH! Really, it was brilliant. It was beyond brilliant, it was... spectacular. Your story is an UNBELIEVEABLY original one and you've written all the characters so goddamn canon that it can't be denied. The only way I can explain it is that both Harry and Dudders have had fucked up childhoods.
Atleast there wasn't more than kissing, or whatever. Thank GOD.
This is sodding brilliant. BRILLIANT.

Tue, May. 10th, 2005, 12:53 pm
incroyable: quick fix

Because of strange and inexplicable community-post editing rules, I can't fix a stupid typo I made in the newsletter involving a lack of a ">." ANYWAY - two recs got mashed into one and here's the two seperate and looking correct. They both go in the Flickering Light (humour, cleverness, smut, fun) category. :) Sorry for the mess up.

+ In The Book by nopejr   [Harry/Draco, G, 128]
This is BRILLIANT. One of my most favourite drabbles EVER! Ahahahaha! I love the humour. OMG! ♥♥♥

+ His Name by dacro   [Harry/Draco, G, 100]
Hehehee. SO CUTE and fun. There's a playful atmosphere to the whole thing which I love. Yay!

Tue, May. 10th, 2005, 06:21 am
incroyable: Of Flying Wings 09.05.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Eleven

EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeEEE! I still LOVE Molly/Arthur. SO MUCH. We all owe tarie a big thank you and MORE FIC!! (please?) for her Molly/Arthur Challenge. I also have that new thing for James/Lily. Bring it on, you guys! AGHHH! I love these two canon pairings! :D

I have a new preoccupation with Fred/George and Harry/Sirius or Harry/Remus. I'm also crazy over ANY MPP fics or any two of the MPP trio with Harry. GUUUUUUHHHH! SO MANY CHOICES! I've updated the userinfo with these new super-exciting facts about what I like. Like it matters.


As many of you would know, I only read fiction on weekends. This weekend, however, was literally a series of unfortunate events. Between being called into work last-minute to losing internet most of Sunday to it being Mother's Day and not reading a thing all of Friday or Saturday, I've had a hell of a time coming up with this issue.

When I lived in Italy I used to save all the things I wanted to read to my computer when I was at school and had internet access and then read a lot in the evenings at home when I was without access online. I unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be now) got carried away and would download hundreds of fics a day, only to be able to read maybe 30 a night. As a result, I have a lot... no, a shitload of fiction on my laptop that I've never read. Some of it, as I've come to know all of my favourite authors, is BY SOME OF THOSE I LOVE!, particularly by happiestwhen and anise_anise, among many others.

I also finally got back internet access and have been reading new stuff all today. SO - I have managed to read a lot and get my weekly fix of fiction, be it from February or from yesterday, and I have an issue for you. It wasn't without suffering, though. I hate when my plans get fucked with.

Anyway, I ended up reccing a MOTHERFUCKING TON more than I usually do (who knew?!) :D So I'm pleased. I'm swearing a lot tonight. Sorry.

On another more pissy note, I HATE it when inexperienced authors try to make their PWP have some resemblence of an actual story, only to fail miserably. JUST SHUT UP AND WRITE THE GODDAMN PORN YOU HAD PLANNED. GOD! Anyway.

I've decided not to cut the recs...
Only 22 of the 57 of you voted, meaning that a whopping 61% of you don't give a damn AT ALL. Add that to the 9 (40.9%) of you who DID vote and said to leave the newsletter the way it is and you get a total 77% of you that either don't give a hoot either way or don't think they should be cut.

I hope that is satisfactory. Plus, I don't think they should be cut, and I'm head of this place... so... right. No cut.

There are 2 discussion/rant/essays, 55 (HOLY JESUS!) fiction and 17 art recs&revs this week.

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ Losing Faith in the One True Snape by cordelia_v   [746]
I agree with this wholeheartedly. Using an example that came to my mind, I have read so many different Rons that I hardly could consider him just one character, and yet I can find him so clearly in my mind when I try and picture "WHAT IS RON." I liked the analysis and conclusion especially - the last bit has really stuck with me and made me think about ME and who the hell I am. This will stay around in my mind, I think, well beyond canon, and for that I am greatful :P Do read it. It's quite short, anyway.

+ The Great Fandom Penis Wank Rant by alittlewhisper   [2041]
I have nothing to add. This is beyond brilliant, hilarious, and priceless. *clutches sides*
I don't really like my cervix bruised in real life, and when I'm imagining your character's cock, I will inevitably get a bruised mind cervix.
AMEN. Jesus. OMG ahahahahahHAHAhahaa. I'm going to die of laughter.

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Bonfire Night by anneline   [Snape/Lupin, R, 1084]
Oooh. This is really dark. Really dark and... beautiful. This author has a certain way with words that is captivating. The first thing we read:It was raining. Pouring actually, thought Lupin. Like the rhyme, raining and pouring. It hadn't stopped raining since everyone died. I'm already absorbed and it feels damp around my brain. I loved the sort of detached existence that Lupin endures now - and how tragic the false reality he lives with is, his beliefs about Sirius and Peter. This piece really cut deep into me, and gave me scars that I think I like. I am wounded. I am broken, a little, and sad. The conversation, the light, the rain... the passive existence... it is all poetry. I am really, really moved by this and I'm not sure how to express that.

+ Revelation Part 4 and Part 5 by jexay and anise_anise   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 2033]
This is SAD, SAD, SAD. WAahhhhhhhhhhh! I love these two waay too much for writing this. They both sort of fell into writing a WIP without the intention. It's GREAT. This is the sequel to the drabble Concealment by jexay and then Revelation Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 by both jexay and anise_anise. I have loved this since the beginning and I promise to love it until the end and then after. EVEN IF I have to wait for more. God, I love these. The reality is so warped, and so fanon. I LOVE it. GAH! The part where Harry's anger takes over, the RAGE, I nearly DIED. *wibble* God, I adore these.

+ the whole of the moon by minervacat   [Remus, PG (gen), 1500]
Ohhh! This is incredibly beautiful and overwhelmingly sad at at once. I feel numb and cold and I'm crying now and there's no use stopping it. I don't know how to place my feelings... I feel sorry for them both, for them all, and I feel hurt, or broken, or maybe just sad. But I can't tell because I am numb. And yes, it is all about Sirius, even when it's not.

+ April Morning Almanac by librae   [Sirius/Remus, Remus/Regulus, PG, 5398]
This is unbelievable and it really should go in Then I Surrender Unto Sleep, but it made me cry for so long, and fucking ache and I curled into a ball and wept for sometime before posting a review. It has to go here, though it's too sodding brilliant to be classified as just angst or sadness. Here's my review. I can't try and write a new one, so that's what you get. Sorry.
There are times, God, there are times. Times when I come to a fiction like this and I try to type something, anything, through my tears, as the keys swim about. But I always fail. I'm not an author. I wish I had something to say! Damnit, I wish I had words that flowed like poetry pouring out of a book, or adjectives and word patterns that could maybe let you know how deeply I was affected, but I don't. I don't. But I try, again, and again. I don't know where to begin thanking you for this. The whole thing is overwhelmingly powerful and heavy. The complete disuse of quotes has me holding my breath, and the harsh reality for him (which one, I don't know. does it matter?) is so fucking real it hurts. It hurts but in all these right places so that I am crying and so, so happy. *sob* Thank you. I really don't know what to say.

+ Stopped by gehayi   [Peter, PG (gen), 6525]
My SOUL is fucking BROKEN in two. This is absolutely amazing and it REALLY made me cry. There is so much truth into this and yet the take on reality, or what could be, is new to me and very, very powerful. Everything about Peter is intense and yet distant - the calm before the storm? And *sob* he's so helpless. It's like... he's not really the bad guy... he's just caught up in so many circumstances and Voldemort knows how to control his men. It's amazing how she's managed to maintain a very tense, cloudy mood through the whole story. She's left me feeling empty, filled with tragedy and fog and ruin, and I feel overwhelmed with doom. It's incredible and all-consuming. Aghhbsf.

+ Misbegotten by dorrie6   [Harry, Draco, PG, 600]
Ohh, that was great. Sad, strong, and great. uuunghh. Poor Draco! I don't think Harry's unbalanced, just clever. I feel bad for Draco though... I love it.

+ Good by happiestwhen   [James/ Lily, Sirius, PG, 851]
That's heartbreaking, that right there. Really :(
I wish I was James, if only so I could chose differently and love Sirius. My heart aches for him! Poor, poor thing. Augh :((

+ Sir? and art Tom by honeybean   [Tom, G(en), 603]
Oh. I think that this is SO excellent. Oh, dear God. I LOVE everything - the fiction is so... sad. And deep. And it shows us perhaps the roots of Tom and who he is, where he comes from, WHY he is the way he is. The picture is just STUNNING. He looks so little and innocent.

+ You Dream of Dragons by furiosity   [Ron, PG (gen), 600]
This is excellent. I ADORE F's Ron because he is SO goddamn canon. I never really thought about Harry and Ron's friendship this way but I can see it now and it makes me sad. I don't know if I want to see it this way - my take on canon differs from this resigned... resentment of Harry. Still. GAH! I love this a lot. Even Hermione.

+ The Secret by eumenides1   [Sirius/James, PG, 900]
Ouch. Just... :( I have a serious love/hate relationship with evil!Sirius. Uhhhh.

+ Grey by cmere   [Remus, Narcissa, PG, 1752]
This is engrossing and horribly painful to read - not in the babb_chronicles sort of painful, mind, a good painful - and I loved it. So, so sad. Beth has really proven her author qualities here. She should write more gen! I will do something about this...

+ into the mist by marginalia   [Harry, G(en), 343]
Haunting and really, just very sad. And tense. And frozen. Guh.

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ The Perfect Batch by dacro   [Severus, Remus, G, 100]
So THAT'S what Severus does in all his spare time in the dungeons. Hahaa! I can just imagine him, scowling in deep thought, over something like "oh, maybe a drop more lemon." HahahaahHAHA! And the thought of Albus entering too... the thought of there being a competition at all! AHahaha!! How simply LOVELY. I ADORE this, hehee!

+ Naughty by lovely_slyth   [Harry/Draco, R, 3228]
Oh my JESUS! I don't know what to DO with myself! I believe this is the ABSOLUTE BEST thing I've real ALL WEEK. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! This Draco is SO damn HOT and I love how the whole thing is written! The humour! I love Hermione and Ron, too, which is a huge plus. Harry is great. I got all riled up along with Harry :P *FLAILS* OMG!! I don't even know how to review this. Just... just... READ IT NOW HOLY FUCK YES! GO!

+ Practise Makes Perfect by anise_anise   [James/Sirius/Remus, NC17, 3222]
OH JESUS, that was good smut. AAGGHHH! There is NOT ENOUCH MPP fic.

+ Active Participation by marksykins   [Remus/Harry, NC17, 1048]
GUUUUUUHHH! Harry! Vinyl! *flails* Remus is soooo dirty here.

+ How to Shag Your Most Hated Enemy and Still Feel All Right About it, You Know, Morally Speaking, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by stellabelle   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 7611 (in three parts)]
OHOHOH! This is SO GREAT! Absolutely hilarious and SUCH crackfic. OMG. OOC like WOHA. I've just read all three parts this evening and I LOVE HERRRR. :DDD Hahahahahahaa. I was literally cracking up outloud at about every third line. LITERALLY. And my hubby's gone to sleep and so I keep having to stifle myself. GAH! I LOVE THIS MORE THAN MY CAT. AAHHHHH!!! *flails* *cracks up*
I hope there are 48 parts. :D!!

+ How Perfect by cmere   [Remus/Sirius/James, NC17, 649]

+ Hot Pink Protection by pocketfullof   [Trio, NC17, 5400]
UUuhuhhhhh. This is the type of fic that MAKES you illicit a sexy moan at the end. UUhhhhhhH!!! OH GOD. Yum. SEX. UHhh. This is perfect and SO HOT. Most of the fiction takes place in a drugged-like state and you really go along for the ride. I felt like I was on ecstasy *cough* not that I've done ecstasy >.>
It was amazing. GOD the H/R. I admit that I love trio stuff but it all comes back to teh H/R!! Yeah. GUHHHHHHHHHHH. This is one hott motherfucker. Just... read it. The dynamic between the three is excellent.

+ Full Circle by xylodemon   [Harry/Ron/Draco/Hermione and various pairings within the four, NC17, 4140]
Holy motherfucking Christ that was hot. Fuck.
pflpft. *flails*

+ White As Snow, Red As Blood, Black As Ebony by biichan   [Harry/Draco, PG, 2678]
Haha! This was simply marvelous and very clever :P It's kind of dark too, and kinky. And I LOVE all the parallels drawn between characters.

+ (sporked!)SWITCHED! by furiosity   [Genish, G, 847]
If you're gonna read a parody or sprok!fic, read it from F. SERIOUSLY. This girl is always funny!! Bwahahahaaa!!!1 I had SO much fun. HeheheHEHE! Unfortunately for most of you this is flocked. Read it if you can, though.

+ Private Introspection by marksykins   [Harry/Draco, Snape/Lupin, NC17, 2266]
SO. MUCH. LOVE! This is EXCELLENT! It made me laugh out loud, hard, and giggle and all that jazz. I loved this. And SO HOT OMG. I still don't know how I feel for Snupin, but that was great. Aghh! I'm still dancing and laughing. :D

+ In Chocolate Veritas by contrariwise   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 2467]
AhahahaHAhahahaHAhHAAAA! I just jumped up and did a little dance around my livingroom :P Hehehe! This is MARVELOUS, AMAZING, FUN, SILLY, SO, SO HAPPY. ACK! I love it! Oh, Jesus, I love it. The opening and closing lines are both PRICELESS. I mean, the first line. It just SETS the whole tone - and it's always a good sign when you start out laughing, as I did. God, and at the beginning I felt so horribly embarrassed for Ron. But then, oh GOD, sexy! Hotness! And then Harry's line at the end... that just DID it for me. I had to then get on with the dancing, really, I couldn't help myself. GAH! BEST THING EVER, this is! AAAHhhHhHHHH! *dances*

+ In The Book by nopejr   [Harry/Draco, G, 128]
This is BRILLIANT. One of my most favourite drabbles EVER! Ahahahaha! I love the humour. OMG! ♥♥♥

+ His Name by dacro   [Harry/Draco, G, 100]
Hehehee. SO CUTE and fun. There's a playful atmosphere to the whole thing which I love. Yay!

+ How Harry Started to Hate Mondays by furiosity   [Harry, PG (gen), 987]
Ahahhaaahahaa! This is SO great. I NEEDED that after reading librae's Sirius/Remus, Remus/Regulus fic of DEATH (so, so gut-rippingly sad and real, gah *sob*). I'm VERY glad this was next on my list of to-read. SUCH silliness, ahahaa! This fic is crackfic!! to the end. For crying out loud. :D

+ Easy Rider by switchknife   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 2414]
Oooo. This is so dirty. YES. Motor oil? Eum... hot? YES. Everyone and their dog has already recced this so I'll just leave it there.

+ How Kissing Draco Malfoy Taught Harry About True Love by noticeably   [Trio, PG, 3530]
I had this saved from over two months ago and didn't even bother looking at the author before reading it. This is very fun - it follows most stereotypes of relationships but has a great twist at the end. Overall I really enjoyed myself.

+ Surround Yourself With Yourself by rubytuesday1313   [Remus/Sirius, Remus/Remus, NC17, 1265]
OOoo. This is great! What a strange concept... and so sexy! TWO REMUSES! And really, all the sexy things were played up, like seeing what yourself would look like in that state and... hmm. It makes me think. And it was hot. I want to look at Remus with his sparkling brown eyes and sweat covering his neck and hair... guhh.

+ Sometimes I'm Still Beautiful by argyle_s   [Molly/Arthur, NC17, 1789]
MMmmngf. That was LOVELY. I have SUCH a thing for Molly/Arthur lately! I blame tarie and all her wonderfulness for inspiring so many authors! I love the simplicity that is tied in with everything. Molly is such a beautiful, strong and loving woman and Arthur the same. They love eachother through and through and it really shows here. I love how the two of them are portrayed, especially Molly. Really. I love it.

+ Completely Worth It by cmere   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 896]
AAAAAAAAAAAGHHH! That was so AWFUL and BRILLIANT!!!! *hops about* I had to keep telling myself OHMYGOD IT'S SIRIUS, IT'S SIRIUS and it worked. I really, really, truly adore the way they speak with eachother at the end. You've got their relationship NAILED and it's fantastic. Beth is a goddess, especially if she can get me to read bestiality. *vomits at the thought* No, really. This is GOOD. I'm impressed. :D

+ Sometimes You Just Have To Find Another Option by florahart   [Molly/Arthur, R, 1911]
OH! This is SO excellent. GAH! I HAVE SUCH AN OBSESSION WITH MOLLY/ARTHUR! This is the third fic with the pairing I have reviewed this evening and I just adore these two. These characterisations are great - I love how spunky Molly is, I love how adorable and lust-hungry Arthur is. I love how muggle things are thrown in with different names like they are in the books. This is just great.

+ Anything Better by cmere   [Remus/Draco, NC17, 748]
AAAAAAAHHH! I've never read this pairing before and I've almost never read chan before and this is just AWESOME. GUHH! This made me so unbelievably hot. Wow. The last line is right, and it's brilliant.

+ Not Your Sister's Seeker by musesfool   [Harry/Ron, NC17, 1748]
This is so smutty and hot and fucking RIGHT and I love it. Just... GUUUUUUUUUUHh. It's all about teh Harry/Ron, after all. :D And GOD, I love it when titles are clever. :P

+ Senses Uncovered 5: Ties by lore   [Snape/Lupin, NC17, 900]
With sexxxy art by karasu_hime! Eee. Haha. SEX.

+ Similarities by happiestwhen   [Fred/George, R, 306]
Guh. *flails* There is a we. I was killed. It was good :)

+ Let Me by cmere   [Remus/James, NC17, 1030]
Guuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That was HOT.

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots

+ Gryffindor Seduction 101 by jennavere   [Harry/Draco, R, 9693]
AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! If you read ONE THING, READ THIS! Wahahahaha!! I laughed out loud! I laughed out loud MULTIPLE TIMES. OMG I ADORE THIS PIECE AND I THINK I'LL JUST WRITE IN CAPS FOR A WHILE OMGOMGOMG! THIS WAS SO PERFECT. HARRY AND DRACO ARE BOTH SOSOSO LOVEABLE AND HILARIOUS AND DRACO IS PERFECT. OHMYGOD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAA I LOVE THEM ALL SO SO MUCH :P Jesus! OMG! Harry/Draco FOREVER. I don't know who wrote this but I owe them my life. If this author has an LJ, will you please let me know? This is my most favourite SILLY FICTION EVER. EVERRRRRRRR. *flails* This was so HOT. It was so SWEET and silly and cute and sexy and PERFECT. AAGHHHH!!! *bounces* ACK! I AM SO IN LOVE. hbfolsfblblvslfffksrjnfou surhfisuhfsuihvruw 4b4973pw rs *dies*

+ Something Blue by mooncharm   [Remus/Sirius, implies Remus/James and Remus/Snape?, NC17, 1322]
You already know (or should, by now know) that I adore mooncharm. So I will tell you that I adore this fiction. Oh, I REALLY adore this fic. There's much underlying mystery that has me all in a tangle inside. Was Remus with Snape? Probably. Was Remus with James. Yes. And both made me indescribably sad, like... I don't know. There's just a little depression that comes with this fiction, that lingers well after you're done reading it. *sigh* Overall, this is beautiful, right, and a little sad.

+ When There's Time by cadey   [Molly/Arthur, NC17, 1910]
This was written for tarie's Arthur/Molly Challenge and inspired by the AMAZING Molly/Arthur art by leelastarsky that I recced last week. I don't think that I could have asked for a better combination of base for a fic. I LOVE this. To the author:
Thank you SO MUCH for this fiction. I have a current little obsession with Molly/Arthur and here you've brought out all the best parts of them. I really, REALLY love how you've written Molly. She's such a strong and beautiful woman and we truly see that here. The reoccurring theme of "when we have time" is perfect. I can't compliment this enough. I just... AGHH! I love this.

+ Far From Over by kaalee   [Harry/Draco, PG, 1680]
Ohhh! I love this to pieces. I like following Harry's thoughts like this, and following his innocence. I think too many H/D fics are written from Draco's POV - not that I mind! OMG I LOVE Draco - and this is refreshing and fun. Kaalee really knows how to MAKE desire... let it crawl all over you and then leave you wanting so much more. I really enjoyed myself here. :)
ETA: This story is the SEQUEL to Autumn Leaves ([H/D, PG, 2430]), which is brilliant. I finally came around and read this first one since I liked the second so much :D I really, really love how she's used words here. I love Harry's perspective - he's so innocent and simple and he just sees things, feels things, without shoving around his opinion or saying much. I find that beautiful. I also love how the focus of both boys is the other's hair. Something about that is so silly and romantic and wonderful. Eeee! You must read this one first. :P

+ A Steady Curling Line by happiestwhen   [Remus/James/Sirius, PG, 664]
Oh! So lovely, so soft. *sigh* Sirius kisses roughly, his breath dark against James’ neck and smells sweet like butterbeer and cocoa. Remus kisses like punctuation, dropping commas and lingering semi-colons along James’ shoulder, Sirius’ collarbone, any skin his lips have access to. James just breathes in and out, languid air and heavy tongue. I repeat: *sigh* :)

+ Dancer in the Dark by tipgardner   [Harry/Draco, PG, 700]
Don't be thrown by the title (as I almost was; that movie SLAYED me), this is marvelous. Oooooooooooohh!!! This has such fantastic imagery! Draco practically dances from one pool of night to the next, cursing the house elves that have left the curtains open to that swollen moon, lolling just outside the window. That line COMPLETELY had me. Look at the ADJECTIVES! *swoons* I love this from start to finish. It's so engrossing. His use of words leaves me breathless and... just... I want MORE! Ah! I love it. YES.

+ The Human Touch by casirafics   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 2100]
THIS. This is PERFECT. OHMYGOD. I should put this in the smut category, but to me it's so much MORE. So much of of this reminded me of PoA when Sirius is shouting at Remus... just like this. I feel like, DAMN, like this is canon because of that. I am overwhelmed with happiness from this one. I LOVE these two, and this fiction. And I love when titles are clever. Hee.

+ Kiss, Sandwich, Milk, Love by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, R, 398]
GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhdsvbs; ufnd;bowr f84wyr98hw4efoc sdnoch r;fuh; iuhf;djfiskfj
OMG! OMGOMGOMGOD! *long sigh* Your words are poetry. I was so engrossed in this, breathing with the words, living your colours. I love this in so many ways. I love your words. The simplicity of their world, the complexity of thoughts and motions, the mundane things of everyday life. Milk. This is excellent.

+ Drabblets by sheafrotherdon   [Remus/Sirius, R, 1180]
Four drabbles that really could just be one fiction in pieces. Her words are POETRY. I can't really describe it except to say that I am overwhelmed with senses. There are words in the world, but nothing's bright enough to capture this, and he's helpless, he touches -- hesitant hand against bed-warm belly, breath spilling (silver) over (golden-white) skin. and He feels Moony tremble and almost smiles but . . . instead, this kiss, a fumbling benediction and his tongue's chasing salt and autumn and light . . . the colours are dazzling. He savours each one, feels them sink deep inside him, like pennies and wishes. That's not the half of it. *sigh* GUHH.

+ Keen Eyes by happiestwhen   [Harry/Draco, Fawkes, R, 527]
Brilliant. I love going through these fics that I've saved! A lot of them are by authors I know now but who were just another name a few months ago. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GIRL! I love seeing it all from Fawkes' point of view. The whole sense of the fiction is very... peaceful and detached. I love it. Mmmm.

+ Within These Walls by happiestwhen   [Various Characters, G(en), 2023]
I (wait for it) really, honestly (really, it might be different!) LOVED this (oh, nevermind, I will always be an obsessive Snoy fan). I loved every WORD of this. It is SO FUN to see these little snippets of different members of the Hogwarts staff. I love how she's thrown in ALL these different sorts of kinks and silliness and strangeness and realities and yet none of it seems off - none of it seems wrong or against canon (EVEN the McGonagall one, which should!). This just has me bouncing all over the place with glee. *bounces* But what is SNAPE up to!??! I realise that these don't have anything to do with one another, but really. Could it be him in Pomfrey's as well? Hmm? HMMMM? Yes, it could. Creepy. Or.. no, creepy. I love EACH of these in and of itself, and then I love thinking of them together, and enjoy rearranging them in chronological order, or at least trying to. UUNhhh. SO MUCH LOVE. ! :D

+ Taken For Granted by kaalee   [Dean/Ginny, Dean/Seamus, PG, 2197]
This is SO GREAT. I've never read Dean/Seamus before but I can see why some people find it such a hit. I think Seamus is spot on and so loveable and real. I love it... and there's a detachment and calm to the whole fic that puts me in a good mood. I REALLY recommend reading this.

+ Morning Surprise by froda_baggins   [Remus/Harry, R, 571]
Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. And I am nerd and totally did a double take when I read "Harry." I guess Remus/Sirius is just drilled into my brain! :P

+ The Inner-Workings of Coincidence by marksykins   [Harry/Draco, NC17, 7441]
I have to pee. I mean, REALLY. I totally forgot about it though, and am remembering it painfully as I write this review. I like this - the idea of Harry living in the muggle world is such a fun one to explore. And Draco is cute. I don't like Hermione, as always, but that's overlooked because I adore Harry and Draco together FOREVER.

+ Blindly by happiestwhen   [Severus, PG (gen), 307]
This is a great idea turned into three fantastic paragraphs. I want there to be more! Sort of sad, but with hope. I like that. Mmm.

+ Sunset by jennuine   [James/Lily, G, 3006]
AAHHH! YAY! This fandom needs more of THIS! I love James/ Lily! She's made them both utterly adorable and JAMES! I love him. I love this - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was giggling and feeling bubbly the whole time. Their love is SO CANON. I mean... duh.

+ Treatise on the Effects of Time Travel.... by marksykins   [Remus/Sirius, NC17, 3231]
Oh My GOD I love this SOOOO much. This is one of the best Remus/Sirius fics ever written, in my book. SERIOUSLY. marksykins KEEPS putting ALL this great stuff out lately! It's hard to keep up with! I ADORE this. Just... I was hanging on to every single WORD. This was excellent. And PERFECT. *bounces* AAAhhh! *flails* I don't know what to do with myself!

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
icons, art

+ Ginny on her Broom by ponderosa121   [PG]
For hpartremix, an EXCELLENT community, by the way, and I just LOVE this! I'm not big on anime... at... ALL. But whatever. I LOVE this remix. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this remix! Everything is so CUTE! I love the star and moon. Just... GO LOOK! :D

+ Harry and Draco by chaosraven   [G]
A remix of scarah2's picture for hpartremix. That is a GREAT remix! Really. She maintained the attitude completely and yet totally changed it up.

+ Luna, Head Sketches by _ri   [G]
OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!! I love these SO much. Each one is SO SO GREAT OMG! I adore Luna. Wow.

+ James/Remus/Sirius by shantey   [NC17]
Drawn to accompany broi's fic that I recced earlier. This is SO awesome. I LOVE the intensity between Remus and Sirius. There is so much passion there... and so much of everything. Look at the Sirius's hand... that surprise. There is motion and life in this. GUUUUH!

+ Cold, Hard Proof by froggie   [R?]
OOOOOOOOOOH. I love this muchly. OMG. Guh. And... sad. Lovely.

+ Summer Day by mieronna   [Trio, G]
I really like this. Just... yay.

+ Just For a Moment by the_gwyllion   [Remus/Sirius, PG]
Lovely. Really, very beautiful.

+ Ron and Pigwidgen by esmaraldo   [G]
Oh, I LOVE this! Hehehee! This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D I adore this Ron. So feminine. It reminds me of __hibiscus' Ron in this picture; very feminine. *dances* I love this!! Eee!

+ The First Task by mieronna   [Harry, Dragon, G]
I love little Harry flying up there! Hehehe.

+ The Phoenix! by xiaogui   [G]

+ Snape Grading Papers in his Office by odyssey01   [G]
I like this, except Snape's office is in the dungeons, I believe...

+ A Match Made In... by andrian1   [Bellatrix/Rodolphus, NC17]
I like this SO much. If you THINK about the characters and what you're seeing, it's beautiful and... real. I LOVE Bella's hand and his arm. Their kiss is excellent. It makes me see the real love in their marraige... not just "oh, those death eaters." I just love this millions.

+ Draco Meets Boyd by miints (miinty_sticks)   [G]
HahahahHAHAhAHAHhaHAhahhaHAhAHhaaaaa :DDD

+ The Weasley Twins and Harrry & Snape? by nix___   [G]
GOD I love the Harry one. OH GOD so much. Who knows.

+ Cho in PINK! by __hibiscus   [G]
OOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo. PRETTY! I love this a LOT! I love everytihng about it, from the dress to the curl in her hair to her lips and the various circles and dots in the perepheral.

+ Autumn!Art by saoni   [Harry/Draco, PG]
This is lovely. I love the differences in each boy's expression from the other.

+ Voldemort in the Graveyard by scarah2   [PG]
I love the original and I LOVE the remix.

What Dreams May Come Both Dark and Deep
chapter fiction, novel-length stories


♥ :) Thank you all for tolerating a slightly late issue. Hey, for me it's still Monday. Sort of.
I'm going to bed.

Mon, May. 9th, 2005, 05:18 pm
incroyable: Only a while longer.


Due to circumstances of... well.. life, the newsletter will be coming out very late this evening (which could translate to tomorrow morning, if you'd rather).

Thanks for your patience. I promise that, after all is done, you'll be glad I'm not putting it up now like I normally would. It's sort of a disaster and only half-coded and I'm leaving for a dinner party in 30 minutes and I must be off.

Until Of Flying Wings | Eleven,

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incroyable: POLL - Please Read

Alright, so here's the situation.

I've been asked twice now to cut the Monday recs. I don't have a problem with this, honestly. I mean, it's easier to look at the recs in the size 2.5 Verdana default they have on the "behind the cut" or "comment" page, however you call it.

The thing is, that means I can't cut reviews.

On the one hand, cutting the Monday recs&revs would be a good thing. It would be a nice short paragraph and then a cut to the actual reviews and you could scroll past it on your flist and then read it later, or atleast not need to scroll up 829482 times to get past it to the next entry.

On the other hand, however, this means not being able to tuck away long reviews and spoilers. Sometimes in my reviews I tend to go on quite a bit, or want to write more than one paragraph, or re-post phrases from the fic to rave about them.

Because LJ doesn't give us the option of cuts inside cuts, this means I would have to either
1) make all of the cut parts different posts and then link to them (UGH - time consuming and annoying from a reader's POV as well as a creator's), or
2) make the text forced black inside a forced black table box so that you had to highlight the section to read it (which would not only be ugly but pointless when the only point of the cut is to eliminate length).

I don't REALLY care, I just like it the way I'm doing it. And I'm doing it for you.

I would like to say that this poll is mandatory, but alas I can't really do anything about it if you don't vote. I'd like the input, if you would give it.

Poll #486685 To cut or not to cut? That is the question.

What do you think should be done?

Cut it all and use links inside the cut for longer reviews.
Cut it all and use black boxes for all spoilers and links for longer reviews.
Cut it all and use black boxes for spoilers but leave long reviews straight in the newsletter.
Cut it all. I don't care about the rest.
Cut it all and do something about long/spoilery reviews.
Cut it all and leave the long/spoilery reviews in.
Leave it the way it is.

Does the current un-cut issue cause problems between you and your friends list?

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If you answered "Other" to the last question, what is the problem or non-problem? ;)

Do you like crisps?

yeah *shrug*
What, like cereal?
Only potato, never corn.
ticky box
This is getting dumb...

Tell me whatever you would like. All in good fun and politics! :)

Much love and kisses,

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Apparantly the code worked this morning!

After work, when I went in to fix a couple of typos I found while re-reading Of Flying Wings | Ten, I CUT OFF the second half of the post and it wouldn't let me pre-paste it. SO - I had to re-post the whole thing. I thought that none of you had seen the whole issue and thought it really strange that no one pointed it out!

Hahhaa - ANYHOW - I commented to all of those who had already replied with a link to the full version, but I suppose that wasn't necessary. If you have bookmarked the page, though, prehaps so that you can brownse through the issue all week, you will have to go to the new page and bookmark IT.

I apologise for all the confusion, again. I was running out the door to catch the bus and decided to post before work as opposed to afterwards.

Thank you for reading, all of you!

* To many of my readers, I hope you had an excellent Monday and are enjoying your evening!
* To those in Europe, I hope you're sleeping well or partying hard.
* To all my loves down under, happy Tuesday!


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incroyable: Of Flying Wings 02.05.05 | HP Fandom Recs | Ten

I've updated the user information for this journal again. I think you should all check it out. Does it come across as too harsh? PLEASE let me know if you think so. Otherwise, it's staying there and worded exactly as it is. Believe it or not, I have received an assortment of emails over the last two weeks (since my mention in the QQ) regarding my capability or lack thereof to recommend and review fiction, or complaints on how I didn't mention a certain fiction or another.

I don't really want to deal with this, people. Please. If you have something to say, at least say it NICELY. And read the Goddamn userinfo first.

I have to add that I ADORE fandom's new obsession with James/Lily and especially Molly/Arthur fictions and art. There are a couple of Molly/Arthur fictions I didn't get to this week and I'm very excited to read them this weekend. I realise there have been some challenges here and there lately for this category and I really appreciate it. I love everything that you lot are coming up with!

Small notes: Beth, I STILL haven't read your Remus/Sirius and I know I should be shot for this. I am still DYING to. Trust me. Ummm, oh, and RU - I saw your fic posted but I was already pretty wiped and wanted to finish with the list I had made and so I'll read you latest genius this weekend. (I KNOW that you said I don't have to read it by any time, but really, I usually jump to read your stuff the second I see it.) The same goes for a lot of you authors out there. I have such an obsession with fiction.

Oh, and YAY! I can finally comment on happiestwhen's journal (PRAISE JEBUS) and so, yes. I am a very happy camper. I also figured out how to on halffling's and noticeably's journals, which is also VERY exciting.

ALSO - a note to authors, not that any of you will be swayed by my feeble yelling - DRACO DOES NOT KILL HARRY!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOO! I DO NOT READ THAT SORT OF THING! *whimpers* I won't let him. NO!! It can't happen. It WILL NOT happen. I refuse! *cries*

AAAAANNNND - you know you've been reading too many Draco-centric fics when you start referring to Harry as "Potter" to your friends.


With that note, the recs&revs.

There are 36 fiction, 4 rants/discussions/essays and 19 art recs&revs this week.

Have a great week!

If There Are Noises In the Night
discussion, essays

+ darkasphodel wrote about her experience in fandom in responce to on cliques, elitism, and other accusations (that may or may not actually exist) by starrysummer that I reviewed last week.   [1529]
Lily makes a great story-teller, even when she's filled to popping-point with post-op drugs and "working [her] way through comments," of which I don't doubt she had hundreds. I side with her wholeheartedly on this one, her experience being nearly the exact same as mine, only I don't write fiction and I don't have hundreds of people reading my recs, only a few dozen. I quoted this in my userinfo, even. It's definitely worth the read.

+ calliope14 rants about the current state of and problems in fandom   [841]
It's spot on, well worded, comprehensively dispelled and thoroughly explained. Amen.

+ tarie wrote the state of fandom and its current w-a-n-k-tacularness as her responce to the fandom wank discussions and rants that have been popping up on LJ ever since the QQ changed to be HT.    [589]
I love my friends. This is wonderful. Short, blunt and to-the-point. She pleads with us to BE ADULTS. Yes! Please?

+ Why Draco Isn't Abused by Lucius, a rant by furiosity   [1724]
Yes. YES! I agree. When do I NOT agree with her? *snuggles F* This covers all arguements and is clear and snarky. What more could you want? And I'm SURE she's right. Draco? Abused? Please. I encourage you, still, to read through the comments if you're really interested.
- comment by son_of_darkness
- comment by tamburlaine
- more discussion by jamie2109
- Part One and Part Two by rurounihime

A Frightening Shadow
angst, anger, sadness, death

+ Beautiful, Once by imochan   [Remus/Sirius, R, 276]
This is as beautiful as Haiku for London, and I think that's the highest compliment I can give anyone.
Mmnh. And even his words were utterly fantastic, like this, torn from his mouth; his sounds garbled with something etheral, fleeting, deep like moss and gasps like rain, leaves. Ah.
I melt into these words and disappear, sighing. *melts*

+ Bed's Too Big Without You by musesfool   [Remus/Sirius, R, 865]
Everything I have read by her I have fallen in love with. I can't help but cry. I just... can't help it. This is beautiful and so sad. It made me relive the MoM fight scene in my head again and I feel like it's just so real and tragic. Beautiful.

+ Matched Set by happiestwhen   [Fred/George, PG, 274]
Sadness. And beauty. Is anyone else annoyed with how much I rec this girl? It is NOT MY CHOICE. Everything is exactly my style. I love it. I must have drunk too much water yesterday because my tears are just leaking out.

+ Fragments by noticeably   [Peter, PG, 627]
Ooooooo I love this. It's so TRAGIC and true. I am very fond of the four ways in which she compares Peter to different situations. I really love the line about Harry. It sets a certain tone, a pleading, a sort of casual but tense atmosphere around them. *shivers* This is chilling, sad, and beautiful.

+ Mine Angel To Testify by son_of_darkness   [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 7024]
I am still fucking attempting to type through tears.Collapse )

+ Quixotic by spectacular   [James/Remus, NC-17, not too long]
Oh God, oh God, oh GOD. *sobs* I can't believe how incredible this is. I just... I can't. I tried for a second there but I can't. This is so amazing. Her descriptions of everything, her use of silliness without being out of place. I love how she shows everything slightly from Remus' mentality but not. OH GOD. I'm still crying. This is breathtaking. It should be in The I Surrendur Unto Sleep but it should also go here. AAH. Well, it's here.

+ Seeing Other People by kyuuketsukirui   [Remus/Sirius, NC-17, 654]
This is really beautiful and painful. I'm all sorts of sad and messed up right now and I love it. This writing style is intense and with intent and I love that, too. I really just love this, all together. It's depressing that Sirius doesn't want Remus and so harsh and real that you say he still calls it Remus' even though it's really theirs, now. This is dark, difficult to read, and exciting.

Sanity by happiestwhen   [Hermione, R (gen), 713]
I can't review this; there is too much pain. Were I in her situation, I would think the same way. It stings. This Hermione is perfect. Exact. And I love it.

Flickering Light
humour, cleverness, smut, fun

+ Wedding Bells by coffeejunkii   [Harry/Draco, (Ron/Hermione), PG, 100]
An ADORABLE H/D drabble written for MEEEEEEEE!!! Oh, this is one of my most favourite drabbles ever. SO cute, oh my god. Eeeee *clings* I love them!

+ Some Things Can't Be Denied by fatale   [Harry/Draco, PG, 2888 in three chapters]
*bounces* *flails* *SQUEEEEEs*
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE this to PIECES! PIECES I SAY! OMG! *flails* It's about time some good OOC fluff was written! I've been reading long, deep and angsty stories. This is SO BRILLIANT! AHHHHHH!! I LOVE her Draco. I love everything, really. AGH! I just... OMG I love it. I am a HORRIBLE reviewer when I get this excited! *dances* Harry and Draco! Sarcasm! Wit! Silliness! Puns and pockey parody! AH! I love it! This is SO in bold.

+ Revelation by anise_anise   [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 1015]
Her descriptions are always so fucking REAL. AHHH! It makes the smut so incredibily INTENSE. GUUUHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is the sequel to the drabble Concealment by jexay. He and she collaborated on the third and fourth parts, I believe. The story is now updated with Revelation Part 2 (in jexay's journal) and Part 3! They're ALL SO GOOD and intense and painful. .AAGHH! Hands over his face, he tries to block it out but he can't, not when he can still smell him and his pants are drenched, cold and wet against his cock and he's ashamed and afraid and completely devastated. *sob*

+ There's a Stick That Talks? by musesfool   [Remus/Sirius, NC-17, 2625]
OOOOOOOooooo. That was so delicious! And so cute and yummy. EEeeeeeeeeeee! My Remus/Sitius addiction seriously needs to be looked at. *SQUEEEE!*

+ Drabblesponces! by tipgardener   [Lots, NC-17, bunches]
A nice bunch of drabbles for various people, ALL funny and well written. Most definitely entertaining. I think my favourite is the first. ALL HAIL TIP AND HIS DRABBLES! :P

+ Abandon by anise_anise   [Remus/Sirius/Harry, NC-17, 3603]
THIS IS THE HOTTEST THING I HAVE EVER READ IN FANDOM, EVER. EVER. HOLYMOTHEROF-- CHRIST on a STICK! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Oh GOD that was hot. I LOVE the visual of Harry with Remus behind him and Sirius in front of him. AAGHHHH. I think its the vertical aspect, it's just... GGUUUUUUUUUHHHHH. She did that in Released and I went CRAZY over it. This is just unbelieveable. OHH! God. SO good. Uhhhhhhh. I need sex. NOW.

+ Pretty Little Girl by srichard   [Ron/Draco, NC-17, 997]
HOLY fucking JESUS. Ahhhhhhh the talking, girly!pleading!Draco! Uuhhhh! RON! sexy!rough!dirty-talk!Ron! Oh GOD, she hit so many kinks there. I am ALL KINDS of incohearant right now! AGAHHHH! TOTALLY DITTO THE LAST COMMENT. *coughneedsexnowcough*

+ Late by jamie2109   [Harry/Draco, R, 350]
This fic is LAYER upon LAYER of excellence! AAHHHH! I love it SO much. And HAhahahahaa! Poor, silly Draco. This Harry is delicious. Lythe!Draco. Always a favourite. I loved this.

+ After Midnight (We're Gonna Let it All Hang Out) by xylodemon   [Harry/Ron, NC-17, 1158]
MMWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahahHAHAhahAHahahahAAA!!! *more evil cackles* Julie wrote Harry/Ron! This is exhaustingly hot sex. Absolutely no plot, just sex and more sex and sweat and delicious moaning. Guuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *humps*

+ A Segue of Sorts by willysunny   [Harry/Draco, PG, 288]
This is so sweet! I love the idea that the last step is the hardest - to give yourself to love. To let the person go and try to know that they WILL come back. This is fluffy and pretty and sweet. For something so short, it took me an awful long time to get to reading it :P

+ Definitely Trouble by tarie   [Remus/Sirius, NC-17, 1701]
OHMYGOD. That was SO SEXY and SILLY and, and... HOT. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! What an original concept and... uhhhh so sexy.

+ A Dream About Draco by jamie2109   [Harry/Draco, R, 738]
AAAAAAAAAhhhh! Yay! This was cute. Very cute. Yes. A bit OOC and silly, but cute and entertaining none the less. :D!!!

Then I Surrender Unto Sleep
love, brilliance, happiness, genius plots

+ Expressions by fivil   [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 08.0]
BEST. HARRY/DRACO DRABBLE. EVER.1 Hahahahahaaaaa!! *runs*

+ The Utter Wrongness of Two-Day Trips by sheafrotherdon   [Sirius/Remus, PG, 1042]
This was beautiful and very, very cute. I adore a mopey and disgruntled Sirius :P Haha! I love the lines about Lily. And really, the last two paragraphs are so... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. *cuddles them*

+ When in Egypt... by furiosity   [Ron, G, 610]
Have I mentiond how in love I am with Ron? No. Oh. Well here's why. SO canon. Hahahahahhaaaaaa... poor thing.

+ The Very Air He Breathed by thetreacletart   [Snape/Lupin, R, 10805]
Please don't scroll past if you are not a Snupin (hehe, Snupin) shipper. I'm not, either, and this is just positively TOO fantastic to skip over.

I am just re-posting my review I wrote there. This story was EXCELLENT! EEEeeee!! READ IT NOW OR DIE A SAD, UNFULFILLED, SNUPIN-LESS DEATH!!!!!
Oh MAN! That was some of the best damn fiction I have read in FOREVER. How amazingly refreshing! How inspiring. How PERFECT. Your characterisations of both Snape and Lupin are unbelievably on the mark. I have a big heart for your Snape, for Snape in general, now, and I can hardly believe it. I just... don't like Snape. Not unless it's canon and even then he's a bastard, if not an amusing one. This Snape is cruel and immature in all the right ways, and sentimental and wise and real in all the perfect ones. And Lupin... I have so much love and adoration and sympathy for Remus. I just love him to pieces! This story is SO refreshing and it just feels... RIGHT, despite the fact that I have never read Snape/Lupin before or the fact that I am usually loathe to break pairings out of the MPP circle. *sigh*

This is just every type of lovely and entertaining that EXIST. Thank you SO unfathomably much for this. It's a pity that I started reading it so late! I thought to myself, okay, just one more fiction and I find myself, yet again, brilliantly floored at 5:30 AM, knowing full well I'm going to obsess over this review and scan the story twice more to remember the bits I loved the most. And I was trying to get to bed early.
I cannot thank you enough for this. EVERYTHING about it is JUST SO and I wouldn't have you change a THING. NOTHING, not one word. This is perfect.
GAH!!!!!! Thank you. *dances*

+ An Alphabet of Objects by eponis   [Fred/George, PG, 2643]
Oh, this is positively marvelous! The objects are so creative. The love they have is so deep, so... I want to read more! I want them to end up together! I don't even LIKE TWINCEST! GAaahhhh!! I adore this to PIECES. There's an informal, playful attitude about everything and that just does the trick.

+ Already Lost by happiestwhen   [Draco, R (gen), 717]
UUUUUUUUUHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is poetic and dark. And beautiful. It's simple, too, which is powerful. My reviews for sioniann are always... just me trying my best to write as cohearantly as I can manage while surviving my emotions. Some people just... have a way with words, and sioniann is one of those people. She is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and I DRINK what she writes. I always feel, and it's no different in this fiction. I feel a bit... dead, resigned. Cold. I feel defeated and almost like I am in the same situation, like I can hold my head up and I'm numb and the whole world is going around my body in slow motion. Maybe in the rain. And I'm a little scared but resigned to the fear. And somehow I understand. And yet I don't. And yet... there I am. That's what her words do to me. ... They numb me - and then kill me. I can't believe it.

+ Drawn by lovely_slyth   [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 4450]
guuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. this is SOOOO sexy and hot and intimate and secretive and perfect. i am dead. were i alive i would care about grammar and capitalisation and all that nonsence but i can't be bothered not even to use commas because oh my god i am dead killed gone omg. this is.......... sex. guh. omg. uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! her writing is CAPTIVATING and so, SO utterly devilish and sexy and wanting and AGH! THERE ARE NO PROPER WORDS. OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!! *flails* this is EXACTLY what I needed to be a happy fangirl forever!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh NOWORDSNOWORDSGUUUUHHHH!! i love the leather cuff... uuunghh! i love the conversation, even. i love how they're both so captivated and nonchalant and just DYING to rip eachother's clothes off. UHHHHHHH!!!!! *flails* *bounces* OHMYGOD YEY!!! SO. MUCH. LOVE.

+ Lines by kaalee   [Harry/Ron, NC-17, 4243]
That was... incredible. I haven't been that heavily pulled into a fiction for a long time, honest. At first I was hestiant. I guess maybe I'm very defensive when reading a Ron because I dislike so many that are written. This Ron, however, is so there and spot on and loving and warm. I feel like I know him, and his love for Harry is so casual, so accidental that I swoon. I love how they don't talk about it, not really at all and Ron kisses his sweaty neck and Harry whispers the details to him. Some lines were just breathtaking. To quote a couple:
-Then Harry sighed deeply and hot desire shot through him like panic. (Oh God I can just feel it.)
-They moved with silent, met-eye agreement and Harry started waking up from every nightmare, telling Ron about them in a hushed voice [...] and they clung together with kisses and reached for each other through cotton pyjamas, stroking and sighing into the night air. (I want to cry. It just HAS to be real because it's so present.)
Just... GUH. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. When I find beauty like this in fiction I cry. I'm in love with this Ron.

+ Take Up Serpents by marinarusalka   [Tom Riddle, PG, 7088]
WOW. This is excellent. I have decided I have a REAL and very strong addiction to genfic. AAAHHH! SO EXCELLENT. There were a few plays on words that I thought were very clever. There is so much intensity in this story - Tom is so... cruel, so EVIL. It really shows. I'm impressed. Highly. I blame F.

+ Clockwork by xylodemon   [Molly, PG, 1913]
This is so unbleieveably beautiful. She met the challenge with flying colours. I LOVE this, so, so deeply. She writes a mother well, Molly very well, and she make me feel so much for her. I love the simply dynamic of the household; the cup, the couch, the blanket, the clock, the fire. I love, LOVE, the mention of the picture Molly has been "meaning to frame." That line says so many things without saying them and it's beautiful. I LOVE THIS. I have a new level of love for genfic.

+ The Wanton Wonton by furiosity   [Draco/Harry, R, 8400]
Parody! Silliness! FUN! This is one of those stories that is utter brilliance and hilarity from the first word. I can't believe how hilarious I found it all. There were SO many lines I just DIED over. I SWEAR I spit out diet Coke at ALL of these quotes:

don't read if you don't want to :PCollapse )
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahaha! I LOVE it. I LOVE F! OMG! She is my new all time favourite person on Earth, I declare it now. Her Draco is SO fun and cute and filled with irony and wit. AAAAAAAAAAHHH! I can't, I just can't... *explodes*</b>

+ Glasses Off by happiestwhen   [Harry/Zacharias, PG, 331]
Ha! Harry/Zach my ass. I love it. This is so happy! Or maybe, sad. But no, just witty. I love it! Heeeeeee.

+ These Are Words That Go Together Well by blacksatinrose   [James/Lily, PG, 3113]
This makes me cry! Her descriptions at the end are so gorgeous it's unfair. I love her James. I love her Lily. I love everything about this fiction. Really. *cries* I am too emotional. I love how she's written them. I love her sense of humour and how she's not really a prude, just smart and real. James is innocent in that devilish way that's exciting and lovable. Alll of 6 is pure poetry. AAAHHHHHH!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS! GAH! I love it, I love it. Oh, God.

+ Sing the Dobby Electric! by marprelate   [Dobby, G, 466]
OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo. Haunting. This is SO excellent. She's written Dobby PERFECTLY, and used JK's humour a lot here. The way she played with the names... brilliant. The last paragraph is so sad and wonderful and innocent. She has made me like Dobby, something I have never done before! GAHHH I love this. Genfic is seriously my new favourite category of fiction. (I SERIOUSLY BLAME YOU, F.. Hate mail is headed toward Hungary RIGHT NOW!!! *hides*) EEEeee!!!

+ Jacob Wrestled the Angel and the Angel is Overcome by tipgargner   [Harry/Draco, PG, 150]
A lovely drabble and a half, if you ask me. His descriptions are powerful. We all know I like powerful words... mmm.

+ Dusk (Fingers Like Fuses) by coffeejunkii   [Harry/Draco, NC-17, 2285]
This doesn't really go here, it's more smut as itself, but for someone like ME and anyone else who has red the Broken Glass series, it should. This is a prequel to the Broken Glass series, but it doesn't have to be (meaning it stands on its own as well).
I don't know how to respond to this. At the last lines I just burst out sobbing in one gasp and couldn't contain myself. I think this is a lot more important to those who've read the Broken Glass series - it makes it 27496249839875 times more important, and because that series is one of my most favourites EVER, this just means so much. There is so much beauty. I love how Draco says "yeah?" That in and of itself is enough to pull me in. It could be out of caharcter, but it isn't, it's endearing and full of trust and hope and comfort. Hope. They need that. AND AFTER IT ALL THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER! But OMGGGGG!!!!! Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs* I love this so much. I've been waiting for months for this.

+ Love Stories by minnow_53   [Remus/Sirius, PG, 6472]
THERE ARE OTHERS?! I MUST READ THE OTHERS! This is absolutely beautiful. Agg! I love Remus. He's just too shy an awkward to know what to do with himself. I love everything about this (except I'm angry with McGonagall, hmph). I ADORE everything about this fiction; the way the words flow, the way Sirius has so many faces and Moony knows them all, the way James and Peter are there and important but she doesn't go on about them. I like it. Hee! I had so many things planned that I wanted to do but this fic has just consumed me and I think I'm just going to go to bed.

Where Clouds of Dream Give Second Sight
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+ Percy Weasley by nebulaean   [G]
AAAAAHHH! This is SO EXCELLENT! This is EXACTLY how I imained Percy to look. I mean, EXACTLY. I adore the glasses, his pout, his chin, the hair. I love his robes and how his arms are crossed. I LOVE everything and I mean EVERYTHING about this!!!!!!!!!1111 GUUUUUUHHH. YES.

+ Remus, Hermione by thistlefinch   [G]
This poetry/art series by Valerie is, like, my most favourite art series EVER, and I keep saying that, but why don't I gush some MORE? YES. These additions made me cry, ESPECIALLY the one of Remus. I BAWLED and just... sobbed all over my couch. The poem fits perfectly and I adore all the elements of EVERYHTING of this. Hermione's poem is beautiful. The drawings really, really show each's emotions. Everything is so alive and surreal. GUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. I love these. I encourage you all to look at all she's done here because it is ALL beautiful and engrossing (and bring tissues).

+ Platform 9 3/4, September 1995 by cugami   [Ron, G]
This is a portrait of Ron, sort of JamesDean!Ron (which I love) and it comes with a li'l fiction to. I love this! I love it. I love the story to go with it. SO cute, especially Ron's nonchalance and oblivion to the whole situation :P

+ MWPP Commission by seviet   [MWPP, PG]
Oh my God, I love this! I adore the expressions that each boy holds, I love the tie on James' head, haha! Or the card on Peter's. AHAhahahhaaa! And Sirius's boxers. Okay, in all seriousness, he is HOT. And the BONES! PADFOOT! WAHahahahhaaaa. I am forever amused. Remus is HOTTT, in a t-shirt and a tie. GUUH.

+ Ron/Hermione Fluff by green__desire   [G]
How adorable :P I love Ron's hair (!) and matching tie. I love his jaw and neck (lickable, I'm sure). Hermione's hair is very pretty. Ron's eyelashes... his freckles... I am SUCH a Ron fan, though I reassure you, I still prefer Harry/Ron.

+ The Appraisal by princesskariboo   [Harry/Draco, PG]
HARRY. is. DELICIOUS. And Malfoy's hipbones! Guh!

+ Filch by canterburydream   [G]
Filch. Wow. Just. Talent. He looks angry but in that... resigned way. Like he's just annoyed and hurt, not like he's going to come after you screaming, knife in hand. Haha. It's really good.

+ Swindlers by tapedeck   [Lucius, Cornelius, G]
I can NOT get enough of these scribbles. Brilliant. I lvoe Lucius' expression and hair. Hee!

+ Arthur/Molly by leelastarsky   [NC-17]
This is breathtaking. I mean not in an "I'm saying breathtaking" way, but a BREATHTAKING sort of breathtaking way. Three seasons are illustrated: Spring - new love, Summer - the chilbearing years, and Autumn - growing old together. I love them ALL and for all their own reasons. I LOVE the Spring one. It's romantic and young and full of love. The way he leans over her, the way she holds his hair. Then I LOVELOVELOVE OH MY GOD summer. Her belly is gorgeous, oh God so beautiful. The way he holds her hand and her breast is so perfect it's unbelieveable. Her hair, her expression, all beauty. Summer is music to me. And fall. YES. Growing old together. No wonder they had seven children. Their love is so canon (hehe). I think this is my most favourite piece of fan art ever. Ever.

+ Harry and Draco by froggie   [PG]
They're on a couch! Snuggling! And reading! AWWWWWW!

+ punk!Tonks by adyssey01   [G]
I rarely - RARELY - like drawings of Tonks. I have a very specific image if her in my mind and I don't like seeing anyone elses, it seems. THIS TONKS is VERY close to my Tonks!! Yay! I like.

+ Veela!Draco/Winged!Harry... Hermione and Ginny ... fluffy!cuddly!Draco/Harry by sherant [PG]
SHERANT! SO EXCITING! I LOVE all three of these. First off, MALFOY. SO SEXY. One of the sexiest Dracos ever, I think. Mmmm, and Harry's very barefoot and yummy. I love the Hr/G one to PIECES. OMG. I can't believe how much I love it. Both of their expressions are just so cute and innocent and girly. The last one if my favourite Harry. I mean, Harry/Draco snuggling, and with those content looks, is just the most ADORABLE thing ever. *sigh* I'm in so much love.

+ But Keep Your Enemies Closer by lidi_bp   [Harry/Draco, R]
OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Sexy. I LOVE Draco and his tie. Boyd? What Boyd resemblance? *snicker*

+ Snape/Draco by flimsy   [G]
DUCKPUPPY IS BACK! I NEVER look at Snaco but I was too busy being excited over her reappearance to notice the pairing. It's just heads, anyway, so I'll pretend that it's godfather/son. I love the expressions of both of their faces. Draco's eyelashes! I love Snape's smile.

+ Draco Malfoy and the Muggle Clothes by [Bad username: purplepocky&quot;>   [R?] Heheheee! Harry gives Draco a hand job (no visible genitals) and Draco]Left Behind</a> by cugami   [Ron, G]
UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I LOVE this. Oh my GOD. Ron shows so much intensity. I love the board, the way the angle takes you into the picture. AHHHHH. This is a favourite. :D!!!

+ A Little H/D Comic Thing by muchspork   [G]
Cute. I like the expressions, hehe.

+ Tears Mixed In Rain by tsukinohoshi   [Draco, G]
This is... ADORABLE. *snuggles Draco* It'll be okay!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!

+ Two Dracos by froggie   [G]
I LOVE the second one, "Subtlety." This Draco is HOT. Love the jacket, too. YES.

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